Month: June 2015

The Two Paths to Perpetual Wealth

Every year since 1991, research and consulting company Spectrem Group has studied and surveyed the wealthiest households in America. They would look for their investment habits, how they allocated assets, and why they made certain financial decisions. From their research, they found that while there were many ways to get rich, there were two definitive […]
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The True Purpose of Investing: Creating Income for Life

When I ask people what they are investing for, I often get answers such as “growth” “high returns” or “to make money.” I rarely hear the right answer, which is: Income! During the 2008 financial crisis there were many people that had quite a bit of assets (namely in real estate) but couldn’t pay their […]
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Why Benjamin Franklin Would be Wrong Today

The famous phrase “A penny saved is a penny earned” is attributed to Benjamin Franklin. A version of it does appear in his 1737 book Poor Richard’s Almanack, but it actually first appeared about 100 years earlier in a book called Outlandish Proverbs by George Herbert. Regardless of who said it first, wise people have […]
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