Month: July 2015

5 Things That Gain You Edge In Personal Injury Claim

You may probably know this- being injured could be a lot more disheartening when you know that you’re not the reason for your misery. Rather there’s someone else responsible for causing you the injury and suffering. And to top it off, it could be devastatingly heartbreaking to know that they are moving around carelessly as […]
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14-Day SMART Plan To Improve Your Finances

The 14-Day SMART Plan to Improve Your Finances

According to recent data, 61% of Americans don’t keep track of their money. Even for those that do, many feel overwhelmed. I have designed for anyone who wants to improve how they manage their money, the 14-Day SMART Plan to Improve Your Finances! This simple self-improvement plan features one task to focus on per day. Based on […]
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