4 Most Common Android App Creation Mistakes You Must Avoid Today

So, you have finally decided to make your online presence felt by your consumers. You have chosen to go digital. This is a great decision. Whether you decide to enter the Android ecosystem or go with Apple devices, the point is that you should be able to grab a significant portion of the market and impress them with your technological chops.

You can’t afford to make any errors at all. Helping ensure the same is the following section that allows you a little glimpse into what probable mistakes anyone could be prone to make when they first start developing an Android app. Let’s begin:

Do Not Develop For Multiple Platforms

It is not a good idea to develop a business app for multiple platforms at the same time. For example, if you have Android in mind, Windows and IOS platforms can always come next.

First, you should focus on making it compatible with one platform, and then, you can diversify into others. This will give you a strong foothold in the market and will prevent your focus from getting dispersed.

Keeping The Size Of The App Too Big

This is a very common mistake that many Android app developers make. It is not advised to keep the size of the Android app too large for the user. Remember that your customers are always going to have numerous options on the Google Play Store.

On average, the size of a mobile app should be somewhere between 20 MB to 50 MB. Even one of the most popular apps on the Google Play Store which is Amazon is 60 MB before it is installed. Anything more than that is going to be problematic for your users.

You Forget To Test Your App On Time

This is one of the silliest mistakes that you will ever make. It is more of a goof-up than an error. But if you have chosen the right and dependable Easy Android App Building Service, this error can be completely eliminated. Testing your Android app is one of the most basic things and it can prevent you from embarrassing your company as you enter the digital world.

Thousands of apps get released practically every day. They are only making your competition even more cutthroat. If you forget to test your apps before you launch them, you will be nowhere in the competition.

Complicating The User Interface

Android apps are not meant to be complicated at all. The user interface of most of the applications that you come across on this platform will be highly user-friendly. They are precise, clear-cut, and very much to the point. The registration process should be easy.

The loading screen should be fast and the advertisements, if you are planning on any, should be very much non-intrusive.

Final Thoughts

Creating an Android mobile app is very easy. But the only thing is that you follow these rules and certain others without deviating at all. Make sure not to block the main thread, release regular updates on time, and always market your app before you launch it.

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