5 Challenges You Can Overcome With Online Payroll Services

By David S. Chang

When it comes to managing payrolls, the traditional paper-based system isn’t the best approach now because it is complex and cumbersome. Regardless of the size and scale of the business, organizations are moving over to online services to avail the extensive benefits the option offers.

It is ideal for resolving the payroll challenges that most businesses encounter. These challenges range from day-to-day issues to more uncommon ones,, such as in case of non-compliance. It is worth understanding the payroll challenges that businesses face and how online services can help resolve them effectively.

Organizational challenges

One of the biggest organizational challenges that companies face is maintaining employee information and payroll records. The concern grows as your business scales and you onboard more people in the team.

Manual processing means that you will keep adding loads of files and documents that eventually get hard to handle and clutter your office space as well. An online payroll service eliminates paper forms and files from the system and makes your business neater and smarter.

Administrative issues

Many organizations, especially smaller ones, still rely on manual payroll processing. A manual system requires a great deal of work and expertise. Further, it results in a massive administrative burden for the business owner and employees who have to handle the tasks.

Additionally, errors in data entry and calculations can cause payment issues. An integrated payroll software service resolves all these issues and cuts down the chances of errors to the minimum. It serves as a cost-effective alternative to hiring additional staff to manage the complex manual process.

Tracking and scheduling

Tracking and scheduling your employees is another issue that may often leave you worried. Keeping an eye on vacation and sick days gets cumbersome if you do it manually, and there is a potential for mistakes as well.

With TriNet’s online payroll processing platform, you have the opportunity to automate your timecards and simplify payroll calculations. The system doubles up as an efficient time tracking tool for businesses that find it hard to handle the workload of manual scheduling.

Incompatible software

Businesses use multiple software applications for diverse tasks, and they can land in deep trouble when these products are not compatible with each other. For example, the program you use for employee records may not support the one that you use for payroll and benefits.

It is advisable to switch to an integrated service that covers the various aspects so that you need not to worry about incompatibility. Rather, you end up with a system that makes your business more efficient.

Compliance risks

Even a small error with payroll opens your business to compliance issues and risks, which can have far-reaching implications. Companies need to stay compliant with federal and state labor laws, regardless of the size and scale.

Unless you are extra conscious, you may even end up facing legal hassle. Switching to online payroll is a smart move because it zeroes the risk of non-compliance and always keeps your organization on the right side of the law.

Even as these challenges are daunting for any business, online payroll services keep safe. Opting for it means that you can be confident about this function and focus on other aspects of running your business.

David S. Chang

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