5 Things That Gain You Edge In Personal Injury Claim

By David S. Chang

You may probably know this- being injured could be a lot more disheartening when you know that you’re not the reason for your misery. Rather there’s someone else responsible for causing you the injury and suffering. And to top it off, it could be devastatingly heartbreaking to know that they are moving around carelessly as if they’ve done nothing wrong.

Thankfully, the constitution and the governing bodies entitle you to make a claim for any such personal injury, given that your injuries are caused by someone else. Perhaps, there are a few things that could get you an edge in your case and score a justifiable compensation for all your loss and suffering.

Loss Of Income

When making a personal injury claim, one of the most important inclusions must be the loss of income you’ve suffered. Think of it in this way- you would have been going to your job or working your profession, had you not been injured.

The expenses actually have mounted up but your income streams have diminished. And it’s all because someone caused you a personal injury. If you could amount these losses and include them into your claim, you might stand a better chance of securing a good compensation.

Extent Of Disability

Whether have you been disabled temporarily or permanently can also make a difference to the compensation you receive. In fact, the extent of your disability could actually gain you sympathy from the judge and the jury. And believe it or not, these things still work in the court of law, when a ruling is passed.

Proof Of Cause Of Injury

Above all, you would need to have an unshakable proof for your claim. A piece of evidence or a witness that could strengthen your claim and help prove that your injuries are a result of the defendant’s negligence or intentional acts. For example, Joseph Brandini of Grandellilaw.com reminds that if you have a personal injury, it could be on videotape. There are several other similar pieces of evidence that your attorney can help you find and use to your advantage.

At-Fault Party’s Liability

Another thing that could help you secure the rightful compensation for your loss and suffering is the defendant’s capacity for liability. Usually, these aspects concern the insurer of the defendant. The type of policy they own, the claim limits, and the covers they offer would largely determine if you would be receiving the compensation easily or would need to fight harder in the court of law.

Other Damages

Apart from all the possible losses that you could think of- loss of income, damage to your property, and so on, if you could include other damages such as emotional and mental trauma that you had to go through, it would be a lot more beneficial.

These emotional claims can have a deep-rooted impact on the judge and the jury, inclining their decision in your favor. Or at least, improving the chances of it.

A personal injury claim is no child’s play. Whatever you know and whatever you learn, remember your defendant would also be preparing for the case. Therefore, it is always wiser to consult with a personal injury attorney who specializes in your type of case.

David S. Chang

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