5 Ways To Incorporate Exercise In Your Busy Day

These days, it always feels like there is never enough time in the day.  With the sun setting earlier and earlier, and day light savings approaching…it’s hard to work out before or after work.  Here are five great tips for fitting exercise in during your day!

1. When you Wake Up, stretch for 2 minutes next to your bed (or at the sink while you brush your teeth).

Stretching will not only give you better posture, but fewer aches and pains, greater confidence, and more positive outlook on life.  Stretching your arms, legs, back and will give you the energy kick you need before your first cup of coffee.

2. Take the Stairs!

Using the stairs to get to your office, your apartment, or during the day while you run errands will work out your calves, thighs, butt and abs.  This is an easy way to add exercise into your work day without taking up time.  You might feel winded at first, but you will soon see your lower body muscles firm and you won’t be winded walking up and down the stairs!

3.  Always take a lunch break away from your desk.

Work can get so crazy sometimes that it’s easier to eat at your desk.  However, this is the worst thing you can do for yourself.  Leaving your desk implies that you will be resting your eyes from the computer screen; you will give your back and arms rest as you leave the computer (especially if you have bad ergonomics at your desk); use this time to walk somewhere and even stretch a little.  Taking even a 10 minute walk around your building will help relax your body and help with blood circulation.  It doesn’t hurt the lower body either (see the benefits of taking the stairs above!).  When you come back after 30 min-1 hour, you’ll also feel more refreshed an ready to tackle the second half of your day.

4.  Suck it in!

While you’re sitting in your chair, straighten your back and suck you stomach in.  This will help exercise & tone your abs, while strengthen your back muscles.  Do this as often as you can during the day for at least 3-5 minute increments.

5. Keep drinking water.

Drinking water can help you with exercise/weight loss in a number of ways.  First you have to get up an walk to the fountain or water cooler.  That will help you with giving you extra walking.  Second, drinking water helps flush out toxins and keep your muscles hydrated (not to mention the great skin benefits).  Third, once you drink at least 8 cups of water a day~ you’ll naturally use the restroom more.  Walking to and from the bathroom (as well as getting away from your desk), will help your body take a break from the bad computer desk position you’re in for 9 hours a day.

Try these easy steps at work each day and you’ll see a huge improvement in muscle definition, mood, and work performance!


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