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Three Stock Market Lessons to Learn for Next Year

The performance of the S&P500 was relatively flat this year, however there was enough drama behind the scenes to provide some valuable lessons for us all. Here are three stock market lessons that can come in handy as we look at the market for 2016! Click here for more tips on SMART Investing and what you can […]
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SMART Mutual Funds

When it comes to investing, mutual funds are one of the most common ways to invest. Many investors enjoy selecting individual investments and monitoring their progress on a regular basis. This can be rewarding and fun if you have the time, experience and patience to research your investments and monitor their progress. Like many people, […]
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Four Steps to Maximize Your 401(k)

The average American employee switches jobs 11 times before retiring. This means many have old 401(k) or work retirement plans that may not be invested properly. Because for most people their 401(k) is their only work retirement account, it is important to maximize their 401(k) accounts. Every time you change jobs, you have four options […]
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14-Day SMART Plan To Improve Your Finances

The 14-Day SMART Plan to Improve Your Finances

According to recent data, 61% of Americans don’t keep track of their money. Even for those that do, many feel overwhelmed. I have designed for anyone who wants to improve how they manage their money, the 14-Day SMART Plan to Improve Your Finances! This simple self-improvement plan features one task to focus on per day. Based on […]
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The Two Paths to Perpetual Wealth

Every year since 1991, research and consulting company Spectrem Group has studied and surveyed the wealthiest households in America. They would look for their investment habits, how they allocated assets, and why they made certain financial decisions. From their research, they found that while there were many ways to get rich, there were two definitive […]
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The Road to Financial Independence

Why You Need A Financial Plan Part 4

Creating a financial plan helps you discover and establish your financial goals, and then develop a plan to help you achieve those goals. In the previous articles we covered the importance of setting up a plan, how it can maximize your retirement and social security benefits, and the different goals and topics your plan should […]
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Choosing SMART Stocks

SMART Stocks

With thousands of stocks to choose from, it can be difficult to select the right one for the average investor. First and foremost you want to make sure that it fits your financial plan, risk tolerance, goals, time horizon, and other personal needs. However, regardless of your investing framework, click on the link below to help […]
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