Smart people can make not so smart decisions. The Art of Thinking SMART is about helping you find simple ways to drastically live a smarter and more fulfilling life. This blog will help you be wealthy and stay wealthy by making smarter decisions.

Managing money is one of the top sources of stress for pretty much everyone. If you have ever asked these questions, then you are not only in the right place, but in the SMART place!

  • How do I know if I am on the right track financially?
  • Am I saving enough? Will I have enough to fund my financial goals?
  • Can I afford a new home? A new car? My kid's education?
  • When can I retire? Can I retire?
  • Am I making the right financial decisions?
  • Do I have the right investments?
  • How do I avoid making bad financial decisions?
  • How can I stop worrying about my financial future and be able to enjoy life today?

Combined with the latest investment research, cutting-edge technology, and behavioral finance concepts (why we do what we do), I have created this proven step-by-step method of being wealthy, and staying wealthy. Through years of experience and working with the best financial minds in the world, I learned four simple and SMART laws to help you be wealthy and financially free.

Our goal is to help empower positive behavior so you can make SMARTER financial and life decisions. It isn't just about money, but living a fulfilling life.

Don't have your wealth control you.

Take control of your wealth.

About David

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David S. Chang

The Art of Thinking SMART was founded by David S. Chang, ChFC. David is an award-winning winning wealth manager and entrepreneur. After investing in his first stock at the age of 14, he fell in love with investing and personal finance and has been doing it ever since. He is a Chartered Financial Consultant and his MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

After a career as a combat veteran and Military Intelligence Officer, a serial entrepreneur, author, and CEO, he is refocusing on what he is most passionate about: helping people make SMART financial decisions and reach their financial goals.

You'll find that his approach to personal finance, investing, and wealth building is effective. It is based on real world experience, up and down markets, periods of economic recessions and growth, and learning what works and doesn't work.

He focuses on creating personalized financial plans - not cookie cutter solutions - and accelerating your wealth building through the four SMART laws. It isn't about knowing what to do, but making sure it gets done!