“Back-To-Office” Checklist For Employers: How to Reopen the Workplace?

With the ease of Covid-19 restrictions across the world, companies are considering reopening the workplace. However, with nearly two years of remote working, reopening the offices is not going to be easy.

Every company has its own set of challenges that needs to be addressed for a successful reopening. Moreover, following the government guidelines for the safety of employees is also important.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to navigate through this transition as efficiently as possible. Here is a “Back-To-Office” Checklist given below to reopen the workplace.

Make Necessary Changes In The Company Policies

To begin with the reopening process, you must make necessary changes in the company policies. Understand that due to the pandemic, employees are very concerned about their health. Therefore, you must implement the rules given below to prevent the infection.

  • Ensure social distancing in the premises at all times.
  • Wearing a mask must be mandatory. 
  • Set “No Personal Contact” rules. (No handshake, hugging, or any kind of physical contact).
  • Encourage “No Sharing” (Make sure employees have necessary stationery and equipment)
  • Establish breakroom guidelines for adequate social distancing.

Make sure to disclose the necessary amendments to the employees. Also, please take into consideration any suggestions that they may have.

Hire Cleaning Professional

When a space remains unused for a long time, it is likely to get dirty and become a habitat for pests. Additionally, pests spread quickly and cause numerous health issues such as yellow fever, chikungunya virus, dengue fever, and more. Hire professionals to perform inspections and prevent infestation.

Tip: Use the right keyword to find the pest control experts. Suppose your business is in Sydney, Australia. In that case, use the term like Trusted Pest Control Service in Sydney or Commercial Pest Control Service in Sydney. The professionals may also conduct follow-up checks with every service. It will provide you with a sense of satisfaction, ensuring a healthy working environment.

Reorganize The Floor Plan

Depending on the number of employees, you may need to reorganize the floor plan to maintain 6-feet distances. You can also make use of a conference room or breakroom to ensure proper distancing between the employees, visitors, and customers.

In case you do not have adequate space, you can consider alternative scheduling for the employees. For instance, you can call in only those employees who are new and need to understand the company’s working environment.

Keep A Stock Of Necessary Cleaning Supplies

Face masks, sanitizers, gloves, and alcohol wipes should be provided to each employee. It will help maintain the personal hygiene of the employees and minimize the risk of infection.

In addition to this, make sure that the workspace and high-touch surfaces are cleaned regularly. Keep a supply of necessary medicines and, if possible, train your employees how to perform CPR.

The Bottom Line

Following this checklist will ensure that employees feel safe coming back to the office. A safe and healthy work environment will help improve the efficiency of the employees. Ultimately assisting the organization in attaining its objectives.

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