Best Ways to Choose Social Security Disability Attorney

By David S. Chang

You have worked hard for your social security. However there may be some issues preventing you from collecting. This is where an experienced attorney may help. Here is what you should look for when looking to hire one.

Relevant Knowledge

The cases involving social security are meant to be handled by experts. There are many rules and regulations involved, and only someone with a thorough understanding can offer a fruitful outcome. Just as in the medical field, you look for specialists.

Similarly, in law, you require a lawyer who has ample knowledge about the law related to your problem. You may seek more information at the Hankey Law Office. This way, you will get a clear idea of how to proceed further. In your case, only a lawyer with knowledge about the Disability law can offer you a winning proposition.

Local Lawyer

Many times you get a reference from others of lawyers who do not know much about your area. They are not local but promise to deliver you the best possible outcomes. You also get impressed by their commercials or other flashy things that are vocal in making them a hero in your eyes. Unfortunately, you get honey-trapped. You may avoid such things.

Instead of this, you should look for lawyers who are local and can relate to your problems. They know the judges and understand how to manage a hearing for a positive result. Apart from this, such lawyers also know medical experts who are local and can be handy in making a strong case. It is better to check things beforehand rather than feeling sorry later.

Check the Experience

An experienced lawyer knows how a courtroom works in comparison to a novice. That is why it is of utmost importance to select a law firm where you can find experienced attorneys.

You may also opt for law practitioners who have delivered positive results to cases similar to yours. Look for referrals or go to their websites for testimonials. This will give you an idea about a lawyer’s skills.

Top Qualification

Qualification does matter. The same is true for lawyers. You are advised to learn more about the education and the certification of the attorney you are opting for.

An attorney from a reputed Law school can help you in handling your case in the best way possible. In addition to this, try to learn more about their communication skills.


Winning a social disability security case and receiving better claims depend on your selection of an attorney. This means you have to make some extra effort. Apart from this, you may consider the charges.

Overpaying for the same service is not prudent. It is better to select a lawyer who is cost-efficient. To understand this, you are advised to compare two or more attorneys and their services.

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