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The Richest People in History

The 30 Richest People of All Time

Every year Forbes publishes the richest 500 people in the world. Bill Gates has consistently topped that list until Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, became the first person to top $100 billion in early 2018. According to the Forbes’ Richest People in the World” 2019 list, Bezos was worth $131 billion. To put this in […]
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SMART Ways to Avoid Burnout

4 SMART Ways to Avoid Professional Burnout

Being a successful entrepreneur takes hard work. There’s always plenty to do, and the competition isn’t going to cut you any slack. As entrepreneurs in today’s fast-paced workplace, many have experienced burnout throughout their professions. Detecting warning signs of burnout is difficult because everyone is different. It can be hard to recognize it until it […]
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SMART Tips Every Amazon Seller Needs To Know

Today, more than 50% of Amazon’s total unit sales come from third–party selection. However, while there are over one million private sellers on the retail giant platform, only a small number of them end up being truly successful.  If you want to be one of the successful ones, you need to know how to set yourself apart from the […]
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How to Make SMARTER Decisions

Even with the best business ideas, the success or failure of your company will depend on the decisions that you make. It is important to have a system and process in place to help you make SMARTER decisions. As your business grows it becomes increasingly difficult to make good decisions without real-time data and analytics. […]
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SMART Ways to Make Passive Income

According to research from the Spectrem Group, there are many ways to get rich, but there were are only two definitive ways to stay wealthy and ensure it lasts for future generations. The best way to get rich today is to follow a model for keeping your future generations rich tomorrow. The two paths toward […]
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SMART Ways To Boost Your Productivity Now

Being productive isn’t about getting a lot of work done. It is about “doing the right things right.” In other words, you are doing the most effective thing (the right thing) efficiently as possible (doing it right). That is what true productivity is. Being productive is important as it helps you reach your goals faster. […]
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Small Business Cybersecurity Protection

Protecting Your Business the SMART Way

You have invested your time, resources, and energy into growing your business. As your business grows more successful, it also becomes more vulnerable to many different types of risk. SMART planning can help you keep your business running if disaster strikes. There are many potential disasters that can harm your business, and you need to […]
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Best SMART Apps for Small Businesses

The Best SMART Business Apps for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, we have to wear many hats: operations, marketing, finance, bookkeeping, customer service, the list goes on and on. Thankfully we are in an age where we can leverage technology to make our lives much easier. For example, when looking at fleet rental services from Flex Fleet, there is a blog […]
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SMART Ways To Make More Money and Save More Money

In order to protect yourself financially, it makes sense to create multiple income streams. These sources of income can potentially generate plenty of money when they’re doing well, but also gives you something to fall back on if something happens to your main source of income. Another way to have more disposable income is to […]
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