Could Your Business Really Benefit From Taking NAPs?

By David S. Chang

Starting, growing, and maintaining a successful business isn’t easy. You could have the best idea and the best intentions, but it wouldn’t be enough to build the successful business you need to thrive. A successful business requires a combination of flexibility, being proactive, and working smarter, not just harder. Maintaining a thriving business also requires focusing on a NAP.

Sorry to disappoint, but this doesn’t mean that successful businesses are built on daytime sleeping (although you’d be surprised how much that can help efficiency, too.) The NAP we are referring to is ensuring that your online platforms have your: Name, Address, and Phone number.

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While this seems obvious, may businesses forget to put this pertinent information on their social media sites. If you want people to find your business with ease, ensure that your NAP is consistent across your online ecosystem. Here is how having your NAP setup properly helps.

Improved Search engine optimization (SEO)

Majority of customers find businesses through Google Search. Your NAP is vital to SEO success due to the importance of keywords and content. NAP helps sites like Google understand your relevance. It also gives you a better chance at ensuring your content appeals to audiences in your vicinity. Many people find local businesses using Google Maps.

NAP brings the same benefits as keywords on a blog post or website. This will only be effective if your details are consistent across platforms. If you have multiple social media platforms (facebook, instagram, twitter, your website, vimeo, etc.) SEO companies can help you manage and maintain your NAP over time.

Brand Legitimacy

NAP details also add a level of legitimacy to your brand. Don’t underestimate how valuable an address and landline phone number can be for your business’ brand. Especially if you rely on local clients, a legitimate location can help you engage with your clients and establish greater trust. People may be suspicious if they are unsure of your location or how to find you if they need help.

Increased Local Loyalty

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There’s still strength in building a loyal local audience. Despite the increase in online sales, brick and mortar stores like Best Buy are thriving. Why? People still like to go and see the merchandise and products that they want to purchase. Many are comparison shopping, but by offering matching rates as Amazon, they have been able to offer the best of both worlds.

If you manage to take care of your NAP across the online board, then, you could find yourself with plenty of loyal and repeat customers. Brand loyalty like this is the real secret to success. In this day and age, small changes can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. Focusing on a consistent NAP can be that difference!

David S. Chang

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