Don’t Let A Data Breach Ruin Your Startup

By David S. Chang

According to the Global Internet Security Report, the number and diversity of attacks were increasing. There are approximately 135 million attempted phishing attempts made each day. Cybercriminals are using increasingly more sophisticated methods to hack companies. This is making it more difficult for companies to counter these attacks.

Startups need to make sure they have the capabilities to address these issues and understand the digital security landscape. Unfortunately, many new businesses don’t prioritize cybersecurity. Technology is changing fast so it is important for companies to keep pace.

Ensure You Have Top-Notch Security

A good IT Support managed service provider will audit and assess your entire network. By reviewing every policy, procedure, and weakness in the network, your managed service provider will create a plan of action. 

Having expert advice on hand will help you make the most constructive and strategic decisions for your business. You will get help repairing weaknesses in your infrastructure, as well as assistance in developing new procedures and a disaster recovery plan.

Update Passwords Frequently

When you are handling sensitive data, particularly information that does not belong to you, every care must be taken to ensure only relevant people see it. Passwords are the obvious way of doing this. 

By changing login details frequently, you will render any stolen passwords obsolete. Make sure that passwords are always unique, and that they use a mixture of lower case and upper case letters, numbers, and symbols. Multi-factor authentication should be used for information that is very sensitive. 

Passwords are not perfect though. They can be stolen through phishing emails, or they can be given away. When someone accesses data through the use of a password, it does not flag up as being a problem. This is because the system does not know that the wrong person is viewing the information. Preventing passwords from getting into the wrong hands is one aspect of cybersecurity. 

Looking at the timeline of cybersecurity breaches, you can see why digital security is essential. We’ve seen major attacks on businesses, both large and small. The following infographic shows the kinds of skills that managers need in today’s technological landscape.

Infographic by University of Alabama Birmingham

David S. Chang

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