Four Smart Content Marketing Strategy Techniques

By David S. Chang

Content is king when it comes to the digital world. In addition to offering great value to your users and customers, content marketing will help boost your SEO efforts, your SE rankings and user engagement. Content marketing is one of the top ways boost your online reputation. However with millions of new content being generated everyday, it can be difficult to get noticed.

Here are four smart content marketing strategy techniques to help you get your content noticed!

1.   Improve Your On-Site Presentation

Even the best content will be wasted unless you first improve your website itself. Make sure you get rid yourself of dead pages, broken links, and complicated actions. Speed of your pages loading is also a key factor. If optimizing and improving your e-commerce website is something you are not comfortable with, you can outsource to companies such as Blackbelt Commerce to make your online store beautiful and very user-friendly from selection to checkout. Do the same with the rest of the website, especially if you don’t have employees in-house who have experience in web design.

2.   Create a Blog

Every business out there should start their very own business blog. This blog is where you can post helpful information and interesting content for your users to reference. Examples are:

  • Articles
  • News updates
  • How-to articles
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts

Your aim should be to provide content that your users actually want, so invest in demographic research and rely on analytics to improve your strategy as you go.

3.   Use Influencers

Many top and highly successful influencers recently have been found with a large number of fake followers and artificially inflated engagement rates. This does not mean that influencer marketing is dead. Rather, that you need to focus your efforts on finding the right influencers who put a lot of time, effort, and heart into building their communities. A high return rate on your investment will be far more worthwhile than just trying to get your product out to the greatest number of people.

4.   SEO Trends to Use

SEO is a great way to boost visibility, reputation, and your search engine ranking. The top search engines like Google boost sites that have the best content that users want to read. SEO experts recommend that content marketing be at the heart of your SEO strategy to help boost rankings. You will want to focus on how users are engaging with digital content. Specifically improve your site’s voice search ability and video content. Together they will make up the bulk of marketing efforts for the future.

Content marketing is a must if you want to increase your website’s rankings. It is how you can get customers to continue returning to your site, gain repeating and loyal customers, which in turn will help boost your site even more!

David S. Chang

Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Wealth Manager and CEO | Chief Editor, Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant | Political Consultant | Army Officer National Guard | Living To Fulfill Needs, Solve Problems, and Live Passionately!


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