Financial Plan SampleWhen people think of a financial plan, many people assume it is setting up a budget, saving for retirement, and looking for good investment products. However a financial plan goes much deeper than that. If properly done and updated regularly, it could make the difference between financial independence and financial dependence. Here are examples of what great plans look like. Please click on the links below to download free financial plan samples and templates.  

It is important that the plan begin with what’s most important to you, which are your goals. Your plan will show you how you can use your financial resources to accomplish your goals. Next you want the results to be clear and understandable. If you don’t understand it, you will be less likely to take action, and more likely to be dissatisfied with the recommendations the plan makes. You want it to also show multiple alternatives and see how sensitive it is to any changes, such as tax or increased longevity. A good plan will also provide “stress testing” to see what might happen across a range of real world uncertainties (down markets, premature death, need for long-term care). This plan is dynamic, which means it will change and adjust over time. 

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