Have to Work the Night Shift? Here is How to Survive.

Some jobs require taking the graveyard shift. Some popular night shift jobs are those working in the medical sector such as nurses and doctors. There are health risks and dangers associated with these schedules. This handy infographic offers some great tips to help you reduce risk and better manage a late-night schedule.

The biggest risk for those working the night shift is the potential lack of sleep. A dramatic change of routine can affect your internal body clock by altering the circadian rhythms. Getting used to staying up and being able to focus on your job can be a challenge.

To stay alert, the infographic recommends taking breaks during shifts, napping during the day before going to work, drinking caffeinated drinks, avoiding sugary foods and trying to get as much exercise as possible before and during the shift. Exposure to light can also help to increase energy levels. 

The infographic also shows other tips you can take to adjust your circadian rhythm, possible strategies for reducing workplace fatigue, and strategies that you want to avoid.

Infographic Created By Bradley University
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