Here Are 3 Things You Must Know About Construction Accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) outlines certain safety standards for workers working in construction companies. Still, there are high chances of accidents occurring.

If you work in a construction company, you should know these three basic rules about dealing with construction-related accidents.

What are the different types of construction accidents?

Slips and Falls

Accidents due to falls and slips are very common but could be dangerous too. Some of the fall accidents include scaffolding falls, ladder falls, or falls from high elevations.

Wet or oily surfaces, occasional spills, weather hazards, or unanchored rugs or mats could be reasons for slips.

Back Injuries

Back injury could be due to lifting heavy items in an unsafe manner. Back injuries can be permanent, so it is important to take care of it.

Struck-By Hazards

These type of injuries could be due to a falling object at a workplace. Falling objects may include moving objects like debris, tools, or other material. Based on an object’s force, the injury could be heavy or normal.


Electricity flows through most construction objects or machines, adding to the danger. It could result in a simple burn or more serious ones that can impact the entire body.  

What to do when you meet with an accident?

  • When you meet with a construction accident, the first step is to look for medical aid.
  • Do not come under the trap of the supervisor, or other workers and hide the accidental information. Tell the medical professionals a complete picture of what happened. Most importantly, false information leaves you in trouble when you apply for a Construction accident attorney to get the best claim amount.
  • If you are unable to walk, ask someone to take your pictures or make a video at an accidental area.
  • Gather contact information and other persons available at an accidental place.  

What can I claim for injury at a construction site?

Here are items that are covered under construction site accidents by an employer or supervisor;

  • Financial benefit for pain due to accidents for past, present, and future.
  • All medical expenses born.
  • Future medical expenses, assistance, and others
  • Amount of earnings due to accidental loss.
  • Loss of future earnings that may include,  pension, insurance, and union benefits

Bottom line

Based on the type of accident you need to hire a Construction accident attorney that can fight in your favor and can provide you the best compensation. But do not make a hurry to choose the attorney that fights similar cases. As the same field expert knows the weak areas in case that allow you to fight for best.

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