How Creating a SMART Workspace Can Help Your Employees Be More Productive

By David S. Chang


According to a recent study on workplace environments, the physical environment an employee works in has a direct impact on their performance. About half of employees believe that their current workplace is not adequate for optimal performance.

Creating an environment maximizing the performance of employees’ can be low-hanging fruit for employers, leaders, and managers. Small and instant changes can help your business to work and to grow. Here are important employee workplace factors that can help employee performance.

  • When designing the office, you want to focus on preventing big productivity killers that will distract employees from doing their work. You want them to focus on “doing the right things right”. Depending on the business, you want to know the impact of an open workspace or one with dividers. If collaboration is important, then having an open workspace may help productivity. If completing tasks without distractions or background noises is important, then having separate workspaces may be more ideal. You may need to experiment and see what the optimal workplace setup is.
  • Recent studies show that different generations (millennials, baby boomers, Y-generation, etc.) have different work habits. Based on your employee age group, what is the optimal way to arrange it so it suits their work style? Do you allow them to personalize their space? Do they want plants, windows and sunlight, or do they prefer a very austere environment? How about room temperature? When you are designing your office, simple things such as commercial flooring companies can help safety, durability, and the aesthetics of an office. Even a simple plant or changing out light bulbs for different color temperatures can have a big impact on employee productivity.
  • Another large aspect of an employee workspace is the location of the bathroom, break room, and the stock room. If employees need to go to the stockroom often, you may want to arrange it in such a way to optimize their travel time. If the business is a restaurant or coffee shop like Starbucks, you want the workplace to allow for easy access to the products and machines they need to make the food or coffee. This can increase productivity by helping them save time, by ritualizing the work environment to best suit the job duties.

David S. Chang

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