How To Deal With Workplace Accidents: A step-by-step guide

In the event of workplace accidents, you must take decisive and swift actions to ensure that you get the best outcome. And you can do this by knowing the steps to take when workplace accidents happen.

Below are the steps you should take when dealing with workplace accidents. Let’s begin.

Issue first aid

When accidents happen in a workplace, you must immediately give an efficient and quick medical response since it could determine life and death. Your immediate concern should be on the safety of the injured employee and other workers.

However, if administering first aid would put the employee in danger, you should wait until trained personnel arrive at the accident scene. On the other hand, if the first aid application does not put anyone at risk, it is necessary to be administered till the arrival of medical personnel at the accident scene.

Secure the accident scene

After an accident has occurred in your workplace, as the supervisor or employer, it rests on your shoulder to secure and manage the scene. You should clear out employees from the area and ensure that the location is not disturbed apart from those required to eliminate other dangers or deliver first aid.

The scene mustn’t be disturbed since it could lead to evidence altering.

Investigate and report to the right authorities

As an employer, you should speak to those who witnessed the accident to get individual accounts that could be helpful in the investigation. Also, take pictures of where it took place and contact the police. You must notify the police in cases of injury involving workplace violence or fatalities.

Seek medical care

You should ensure that your injured employee receives appropriate medical treatment. This is important in cases where the employee suffered a sprain, strain, or back or neck injury. Injuries like the above listed usually take the highest claim cost and more lost time.

Complete the paperwork

After ensuring that your employee’s safety is guaranteed and the accident scene is secured, you should promptly complete the necessary paperwork. Paperwork like accident reports should be completed, while claims should be reported to worker’s compensation insurance within a day of the accident.

Injury claim

Sometimes, an employee might be injured in an accident in their workplace, and the employer may be at fault. In such cases, the employee might claim compensation. You must make compensation claims within three years of the accident, and you would need the help of a lawyer.

If you live in Atlanta, then an Atlanta personal injury lawyer would be able to help you file a compensation claim.

Final Words

There should be a plan for handling accidents and injuries in every workplace. Additionally, every worker should be trained in the procedures and details involved, that way, everyone can offer a helping hand in times of accident at the workplace

Such programs should cover how accidents are reported and how they can get help promptly. There should also be designated staff members trained to give first aid and medical personnel that can be contacted when needed.

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