How To Let Go And Let Your Virtual Assistant Do The Work

If you are a busy business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, you can easily understand the pressure of a high workload. Time seems to fly as you struggle to manage tasks, from meeting clients and partners to handling the team, answering emails, and more.

Delegating responsibility is a good idea and hiring a virtual assistant can be a better alternative than hiring full-time employees. But letting go is often hard, even more, if you have to hand over tasks to someone working remotely. We have some simple tips to help you let go and let the virtual assistant do the work.

Stay in touch with a communication platform 

Good communication builds trust and ensures efficiency when you work with a virtual assistant. With today’s technology, you can use modern business communication platforms to stay connected and communicate smoothly.

For example, Slack cuts down the pain of emails and facilitates direct conversation. Asana and Trello enabled detailed discussions on specific projects, so there is hardly a chance of missing out on anything.

Collaborate through document sharing

Your virtual assistant must have access to business documents and files to work on them. Tools like Dropbox and Google Drive make collaboration a breeze, and it is much easier to let go and have them take over.

Your online assistant can use them to access files and store them in a secure location, where you can reach them when you need to. Collaborating on the same documents is easy when they are located centrally, and it helps with optimizing workflows as well.

Track time and activity

Letting go isn’t easy until you develop trust in the person you hire to help you remotely. The best way to take the relationship ahead is by tracing time and activity. You can oversee them and ensure that they are spending time on things and doing tasks you expect them to do.

Tracking also gives you a good idea of their productivity and efficiency, which decides whether you will want to have them on board for the long haul. You can use tracking and reporting software to exercise proper control.

Relax with sleep apps

Letting go is as crucial as establishing trust in this innovative arrangement. You may be lucky enough to find a professional you can rely on, but it is easy to lose your sleep and have anxiety issues.

The situation requires you to work on yourself rather than check the efficiency of the virtual assistant. You can use a sleep app to ensure that you get enough rest and let the assistant handle the tasks you delegate to them. Once you let go, life will be a lot easier.

Hiring a virtual assistant is the best decision for an entrepreneur under immense pressure. But having one on board isn’t enough, you also need to let go and do things they are hired for. Eventually, they will help you handle things a lot better if you give them the opportunity.

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