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How to become wealthy today and achieve Financial Freedom for life in 4-Simple Steps

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Could This Be The Most Powerful Wealth-Building System Ever Devised? 

Dear Friend,

Are you on the path to Wealth and Financial Freedom? Will you have enough money to live the way you want?

How do you know?

Unfortunately, only 18% of Americans are confident that they will have enough money for retirement.

Are you one of them?

Based on more than a decade of research with the most successful investors in the world and thousands of wealthy households, I will show you their wealth-accumulation secrets that the average person never hears about…until now!

While there are many ways to become rich, there is only one definitive financial formula to create the kind of wealth and financial freedom that you can enjoy now and be passed down to multiple generations.

Keep reading to discover how to create your own personal plan and investment model for everlasting wealth. Click here to see the other three training videos if you haven’t seen them already.

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4-Step System to Wealth and Financial Freedom

This online course is committed to one primary outcome: to get rich, stay rich, pass it on, and set you up so you have an income for life without having to work again and have the quality of life you desire and deserve today.

The 4-Step System is a step-by-step online training program with powerful financial planning tools that will teach you, step-by-step, how to become wealthy and financially free, so you never have to worry about money again.

This is TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM…to have the quality of life you desire and deserve today and for your future generations tomorrow!

This SIMPLE SYSTEM takes the guesswork out of creating your lifestyle financial plan and achieving your goals. I will show and help you create a practical blueprint to control your wealth immediately.

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Majority of Americans are “at risk” for not having enough money in retirement to maintain their living standard. We know we need to save and invest more. So what’s holding us back? Why don’t we do it?

  1. Fear of dealing with your finances – I’m positive that you have what it takes to learn this system to succeed. This system will hold your hand throughout the course, taking absolutely nothing for granted, and giving you detailed step by step instruction to make sure nothing gets in your way.


  2. Too complicated and too much work – You already work extremely hard. That’s not the issue. This SIMPLE SYSTEM takes all the guesswork of charting your path to financial freedom by implementing a powerful proprietary methodology that automatically produces a SMART solution to meet your SMART goals. THE WORK IS DONE FOR YOU!


  3. Not having enough time – You don’t need more time to do this. Once you are done, you’re done. After your financial plan and investment model is in place, you’ll only have to spend an hour or two a year (more if you like!) to make sure you’re on course.


  4. Not feeling like you are ready – The biggest misstep most of us make is not taking full advantage of the incredible power of compound interest – the multiplying power of growth times growth. Albert Einstein called this the most important invention in all of human history. Thankfully with our system, you don’t have to worry about the complexity, time, or knowledge needed! So there is no excuse not to be on the path to a lifetime of financial freedom right now. 


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What you need are personalized SMART SOLUTIONS
that you can use instantly to put you on
the path to financial freedom. 




InvestmentNews 40under40For over 20 years I have been involved in the finance industry, being selected as one of the top financial advisors, entrepreneurs, and businessmen in the country, among many other accolades.

My articles have been widely published and I have been a speaker all across the world (being on stage with some of the most successful people in the world) helping many people live a SMARTER life.

I don’t say this to brand, but show you that since investing in my first stock at age 14, I have been through all the market ups and downs and seen financial strategies and investments that work and don’t work.

I have seen fads, funds, and folks (so-called financial experts) come and go too.2015 Five Star Wealth Manager

More importantly, I have made and learned from mistakes that I DON’T WANT YOU TO MAKE!

Everyone has an opinion, but they rarely work. Most financial experts and advisers are salespeople pushing a product.

My “aha” moment came after the 2008 financial crisis. I saw many people, including those close to me lose everything they had worked so hard for. We all were forced to rethink the old conventional financial wisdom.

While the market lost over 50% during that time, there were people who bucked the trend. Many of the richest people in the world – self-made billionaires, financial titans, and Nobel Laureates – were producing superior results, decade after decade, in up markets and down, boom and busts.


What Were the Secrets to Their Investment Success? 

Could we uncover them and apply them to anybody, more importantly you?Dark_10K_SB_ALUMNI

To find answers, I interviewed some of the biggest and influential players in the finance world. They were the few that walked the walk, not just talked the talk.

Based on their timeless wisdom, my experiences in helping thousands of people with their finances, and learning from my personal successes and failures, I created this 4-Step System for you.


I promise that this course will change and transform your life.

If you are tired of feeling stressed out about your finances, or not confident that you are on the path to wealth and financial freedom, then don’t waste anymore time, money, or energy trying to figure it out. 

This breakthrough course was created so you can experience FREEDOM. There is nothing like that feeling!

I believe in this system and stand behind this valuable information so much that I will give you a 30-DAY FULL REFUND and even let you keep you bonuses!

If you are not satisfied within that time period, just let us know and we will give your money back, no questions asked. I am confident this won’t happen though!


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Computer-tablet-laptop ASMIf you saw the free training videos and you thought those were helpful,  just wait until you get access to the full course materials!

  • The entire program is waiting for you right now. That means you don’t have to wait to dive in!
  • All of the trainings are 100% online
  • Each of the four modules include training videos, audio files, cheat sheets, transcript and PDFs of all slide presentations
  • You have a full year to work through the program at your own pace, and you access to all the updates I will make to the program throughout the year. I am always doing research, studying, analyzing, interacting with the best out there, and am able to pass that on to you. I am committed to this for the long haul!
  • You will get a unique log-in username for your powerful lifestyle financial plan to get in your CONFIDENCE ZONE. The sophisticated, goal-based planning software is fast and easy to use. Some of the key features in addition to your financial plan dashboard includes college, retirement, estate and Social Security planning, asset allocation and insurance needs analysis, tech integration and account aggregation that connects and automatically updates your other financial accounts!


Lets get started solid green


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Can you imagine what it will feel like to go where you are now to where you really want to be?

What would it be like to no longer be stressed when it comes to money, but rather a feeling of empowerment, excitement and pride?

I created this course to be simple but also to give you the opportunity to go deep – so you can master the game and your financial world once and for all.

You will discover WHAT to do and HOW to do it to ensure you get results quickly. You don’t need complicated strategies, pricey financial products, or financial advisors who only have their best interests at heart trying to push you a commissioned product. Your plan can be simple AND give you the financial mind you deserve! I’ll show you how.


Step 1

  • First, you will discover how to develop your SMART Financial Foundation and learn the true definition of wealth, money, and financial freedom
  • After you learn the secret to true wealth we’ll take actionable steps to increase your different types of wealth 
  • We’ll use the psychology of wealth to your advantage, and avoid the common obstacles and limiting behaviors that cost millions each day
  • Learn the Proper Way to View Important Financial Concepts and How Commonly Held Financial Myths Can Cost You Your Financial Freedom
  • Lastly, we’ll cover how to win the game by living on your own terms. How do you win? You can’t win by playing someone else’s game or constantly competing against them and their view of success. You can only win by playing and living on your own terms and your SMART Financial Foundation dictates the game for you.


  • Now that you have the SMART financial foundation, it’s time to come up with SMART plans of action and create your financial blueprint. I will show you how to easily map out your unique plan by answering the three simple questions!
    1. Where am I now? – We will evaluate and assess your current personal and financial status
    2. Where do you want to go? – We will set your SMART goals, develop your mission and vision, and know your financial numbers: how much you need, how much you can spend, and what it will take to have a guaranteed stream of income for life
    3. How will I get there? – I will show you how to create the different financial plans  so you are able to take full and immediate control of your finances and no longer confused or intimidated, but confident in making financial decisions
  • You create a plan that meets your needs, that works for you, not other people, and you stick to it. That’s success, plain and simple. 
  • You will get access to our powerful financial tools that implements a proprietary methodology that automatically produces a solution to meet your SMART Goals! Your lifestyle financial plan will do the work is done for you. You only need to check back if you are on course and hour or two a year!
  • I will show you the definitive path and formula for financial freedom! You will also learn simple tips that you can implement immediately to drastically make better financial decisions and enhance your savings


  • First, I will show you the most important investment decision and investments you can make
  • Next I will uncover the investment strategies from the world’s greatest investors and the ultra-wealthy, where to put your money, in what proportion, and how to create the investment portfolio you need to stop or drastically reduce losses and increase your gains
  • We will create your benchmark model for the two definitive investment paths to perpetual wealth. We have done the studying and research for you. I will show you how the investment model works and then I’ll show you how it can work for you. 
  • We’ll create your SMART “Perfect 10” investment portfolio, one that matches the benchmark model of wealth that lasts

  • Never be a burden to family with a new approach to pay for long-term care by leveraging and preserving your assets. What it will take to have an income for life – a paycheck that gives you the life you have (or the lifestyle you desire) without ever having to work again. Once you achieve this, you will work only if and because you want to.


How Do YOU Do All of This? Join the SMART Nation!

  • Now that we have the SMART Mentality, developed the SMART Strategies, and know the SMART Investments you will put your money in, we need to now to realize your plans with the SMART Implementation! Knowledge isn’t power, it’s potential power. SMART Action and Implementation is power!
  • Doesn’t matter where we start, it’s how we finish that counts. That’s why this step is so important. I will show you the actions you can take today to start investing like the .001%. 
  • The important thing to do is know how to measure your progress and make sure you are making the right decisions. I will show you how you can automate the process!
  • I will show you the 5 things you can do to speed up and accelerate reaching your financial goals and achieving financial freedom by 30% to 50%. I will show you how to develop good habits and get rid of bad ones. 
  • You will have access to our SMART Nation Private Facebook Page: A member driven community where we personally participate to help each other out! We will invite fellow analysts, experts, and members to share stocks and other investments they like, or unique strategies they’re implementing in their portfolios. It’s all part of your member experience! My Knowledge + Your Knowledge = More SMART Success!!!


SMART Member Bonus Join Us

  • SMART Member Bonus #1 SMART Secrets of the Wealthy (WORTH $47!) – Learn how you can use some of their strategies to go on your journey towards wealth and financial freedom! In this ebook I cover:
    • How the wealthy think and the ways it is different from average people
    • How the wealthy invest and what strategies they use
    • The types of income the wealthy look for
    • The types of investment products that are making the wealthy wealthier
    • And much more!
  • SMART Member Bonus #2 The Napoleon Hill 3-ebook set (WORTH $100!) – Instantly download three of the best-selling and proven books on building wealth and achieving success by Napoleon Hill:
    • Think and Grow Rich
    • The Law of Success
    • Grow Rich with Peace of Mind 
  • SMART Member Bonus #3 How to Start a Successful Business (WORTH $297!) – Want to start a SMART business, earn extra income, and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams? This free eBook will give you step-by-step information on:
    • How to start a successful business
    • What type of entity and business to choose
    • How to create your business plan
    • How to finance your business
    • How to market your business and increase your sales
    • And much more!




Do I have you hooked on what’s really possible for your life right now? 

I promise you the feeling of empowerment and clarity that you experience when you master this area of life will spills over into everything else like a domino: your career, your health, your emotions, and your relationships!

Are you ready? I invite you now, and challenge you, to commit to take the full journey with me through this course. People pay tens of thousands of dollars and in some cases $100,000 plus for the information I provide.

I promise you the rewards you will reap will last for decades to come, and help you create your own legacy. 

It is time for YOU to live the life you imagined and deserve! Join us to get the solutions YOU need to instantly access this valuable information. 

  • Choose The Option Best For You!

  • 10+ Hours of Step-by-Step Video Training

    4 training modules, each with multiple lessons and detailed instructions. You can get started immediately - no waiting!

  • PDFs, Cheat Sheets, and Resource Guides

    The trainings are easy to follow and apply, thanks to these simple guides that you can pull out for reference whenever you need clarity or focus.

  • Trainer-Supported Q&A Private Facebook Page

    In case you get stuck along the way, I've created this page only reserved for SMART Members to support you. We'll help you every step of the way and my trained staff will be present to answer your most pressing questions!

  • Members Area with 24/7 Access

    Review the information whenever you want, as often as you want. This valuable content available to you for a full year (including any updates I make to the program!).

  • Your Lifestyle Financial Plan

    All of the heavy lifting is done automatically for you with our powerful online financial planning software. This will calculate your confidence zone and create a personalized solution just for you! You will get an easy to understand visual summary of your progress towards your goals. Through the "Play Zone" you can have some fun and slide your way to a scenario you like and compare it with others. You can see how a market crash will impacts your portfolio and what you need to do protect it. In addition, learn the best Social Security Strategy to take, see your future cash flow, and so much more!

  • Your Asset Allocation Plan

    Do you have the SMART Asset Allocation Strategy? Is your investment portfolio optimized for maximum returns given your risk tolerance? How do you know? This plan will provide a snapshot of your current portfolio and can help you to focus on the right asset allocation strategy, and create a plan of action!

  • Your Lifetime Income Plan

    When you retire, how much money can you withdraw without running out of money? Your Lifetime Income Report can help you easily answer this important question!

  • Powerful Budget, Account Aggregation, and Financial Calculators at Your Fingertips

    You can connect all of your financial accounts securely to automatically create a budget for you and categorize your expenses in real-time! Want to know quickly when you can retire? How much you need to save or if you can afford a car, house, or long-term care? With a few easy clicks you can!

  • Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care Needs Analysis

    With one click you will know automatically the amount of insurance needed to cover your needs and the effect it has on your investment portfolio!

  • Special SMART Money Bonus 1

    These extra bonuses are top ebooks that will help you on the path to wealth and financial freedom. For this free bonus you will receive my popular ebook "The SMART Secrets of the Wealthy" where you can learn how the SMART Wealthy think, invest, and strategies they use!

  • Special SMART Money Bonus 2

    In this bonus you will receive THREE of the Best-Selling Books on Building Wealth and Achieving Success by Napoleon Hill, one of the most famous authors on Wealth! This set includes his worldwide bestseller "Think and Grow Rich"!

  • Special SMART Money Bonus 3

    in this ebook bonus you will receive "How to Start a Successful Business" where you can learn how to start or grow a successful company and even simple ways to create additional sources of income!

  • Your Estate Plan Analysis

    You will get a basic analysis of your estate and the potential benefits of implementing the most common estate strategies!

  • THREE LIVE Coaching Calls and/or Webinars

    Want even more support and to connect with me personally? I'll be holding three live small group coaching calls to answer your questions. My goal is to keep you moving forward and help you out if you get stuck!

  • A Personal Review of Your Lifestyle Financial Plan

    Everyone who implements the 4-Steps will end with a comprehensive financial plan. I will give each Mastery member a personal review. I'll make sure that you are on the path to Wealth and Financial Freedom!

  • A Personal Review of Your Investment Portfolio

    When you join at the Mastery level, I will give you feedback on your investment portfolio and asset allocation plan. This way you know what you should be invested in and help you optimize your returns given your level of risk!


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Remember: This is an investment, not a cost or an expense!
The information you get here is worth tens of thousands of dollars,
and when you implement these 4-Steps, they will be worth MILLIONS
the best Return on your investment you can ask for!
How much is your future financial freedom worth?

Why Should You Join?

After years of research, successful experience, and a deep understanding of the financial markets and financial planning, this course will bring tremendous financial and lifestyle value to you. 

Many people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for this which is normally reserved for ultra-high net worth (UHNWI) and high-net worth (HNWI) individuals.

Why are they willing to pay so much for this information? It is because they understand that they will

  • Get financial peace of mind
  • Maximize their investments so they can make more money
  • Minimize their risk to preserve more of their money
  • Find new investment opportunities for higher returns
  • Learn new and proven ways to bring in extra income
  • Learn how to start or grow a successful business
  • Save time, energy, and resources on figuring out how to do all of the above!


If you think this information and advice is expensive, wait until you hire or listen to an amateur!

With the internet, we can offer the SAME information that we provide to our UHNW and HNW clients to you. Our firm WealthBridge Inc., is one of the top firms in the nation

We understand that it all starts with you and your needs. 

We have been featured in Forbes, recognized as a FIVE-STAR Wealth Manager the last five years, representing the top 2% of Wealth Managers, selected as one of America’s Select Financial Advisers, as a NABCAP Premier Adviser, and one of InvestmentNews’ Top Financial Advisors, among other past accolades. 


What’s the difference between the self-study course and mastery course?

While anyone can join the self-study course, the MASTERY 4-STEP COURSE is first-come, first-serve and we can only offer it for a limited time since we will treat you just like one of our top clients.

Both the Self-Study training and Mastery VIP will get access to the same training materials. The biggest difference are the personal reviews my team and I will give you.

Well…and we give a some extra content to the MASTERY VIPs.

After we hit a certain number of members, we have to close the Mastery Group for good so we can focus on taking care of our members.


How Long Will This Offer Be Good For?

Our launch will be open for a limited time.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime. Time is precious and extremely valuable. The last thing you want is to regret not taking advantage of doing the best thing now: investing in yourself. 

You can be one that achieves financial freedom by joining the SMART Nation and get immediate online access. Don’t wait for tomorrow what you can get today!

I am so confident that you will benefit from my program, I will you a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

I WILL GIVE YOU A FULL REFUND if you are not satisfied. 

And guess what? You will get to keep the bonuses!


Who Should Join?

If you are a professional, small business owner, executive, in charge of your family’s finances, ambitious people of all ages, and someone looking to build long-term wealth and become financially free, this program is for you. Whether you are a, 

Millennial just starting out,

Baby Boomer ready to retire,

Experienced investor looking to keep your edge,

Or in retirement, looking for ways to enjoy life more…

You are a perfect fit for this program if you are willing to open the door to wealth and financial freedom.

Many people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for this which is normally reserved for ultra-high net worth (UHNWI) and high-net worth (HNWI) individuals.

Why are they willing to pay so much for this information? It is because they understand that they will


Who Shouldn’t Join?

If you are someone who is not serious about getting on the path to wealth and financial freedom, but instead are looking for an easy way to get rich quick, this is not the program for you. If you are not willing to jump in and take action, this program is also not for you.



  • Create a guaranteed stream of lifetime income without having to work, achieving true financial freedom

  • Create your SMART “Perfect 10” investment portfolio, one that matches the benchmark model of wealth that lasts

  • Create a personalized lifestyle financial plan so you can enjoy life today and not have to worry about tomorrow

  • Have the SMART Financial Foundation you need to build wealth and learning the true secret to wealth and money


  • SMART Member Conference Call/Webinar on SMART Financial Planning Topics with Q&A. We Will Cover with Top Experts in the Field: Financial, Investment, Retirement, Insurance, Estate, Tax, Credit, Debt, Purchase, Education, Emergency Fund Planning, and Much More!
  • SMART Member Conference Call/Webinar On SMART Business Planning with Q&A: Business Income Planning, How to Start and Grow Your Business, How to Get Additional Sources of Passive Income, How to Develop a Successful Marketing and Sales Plan, and Much More!
  • Join our SMART Affiliate programExpand our community and create an additional source of income at the same time by earning some extra money on a portion of your ATS Affiliatereferrals! 
  • Learn and create additional SMART ways to make more money and additional streams of income!
  • Check back frequently for more extras that we will be adding for our members!

There are some that may be interested in outsourcing your Personal and Business Finances completely. WealthBridge Inc. is an Award-Winning Wealth Management Firm providing their clients with financial peace of mind. They use the 4-Step System to help their clients achieve Wealth and Financial Freedom! Contact them today!


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