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As the incoming Commander, it is important that I am able to discern the strengths and personality traits of our BN’s Leaders and AGR Staff. This free resource checklist (worth thousands of dollars) will help me get to know you better. It will also help you identify what may be holding you back from success as well as the behaviors that propel you forward.

As part of my personal self-development, I have long studied personality psychology and the different personality tests. They can provide profound insight to help you handle life in more healthy, balanced ways.

They help you better understand your strengths, weaknesses, and give you a higher level of self-awareness. Self-awareness is essential to success. If you don’t understand what motivates your behaviors, it’s difficult to cultivate positive growth.

This is why many companies, professional sport teams, and Olympians, require these tests. There are three personality tests that I want you to take. These normally cost tens of thousands of dollars to take with a full analysis and coaching session.

Through my personal resources I am offering it to my unit for free. Some use my personal code, so please protect it! You can also use these for your own personal development. During our counseling I will refer to them as mentoring tools.

The Myers Briggs Indicator (MBTI)

This test is one of the most widely used. Go to the link below, then click on the blue button halfway down the page to take the test. My results: ENTJ

The DISC Assessment

This is another popular personality test. Once you take it, you will get an email where you can download the results. Put your Natural Style Below (This requires creating an account)

How the World Sees You – How to Fascinate

This is a relatively new test that has proven to be very popular. The goal for the test is to discover how other people see you. After completing the test you will get a primary advantage plus a secondary advantage. That combination shows you your archetype.

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