Roles and Responsibilities of the Battalion Command Team and Staff

By David S. Chang

Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

Battalion Commander

  • Battalion Climate/Culture
  • Battalion Priorities
  • Officer Move/Career Management Decisions
  • Leader Development / Leader Certification
  • Soldier and Family Readiness Group (SFRG) Steering Committee Oversight
  • Unit Justice/UCMJ
  • External Communication – to Higher and Adjacent Units

Battalion Command Sergeant Major

  • Standards and Discipline
  • Enlisted Soldier Management
  • UCMJ Actions & Chapters
  • Medical Readiness and Non-Deployable Soldiers
  • Retention
  • Awards & NCOERs
  • Senior NCO Mentorship and NCOPDs
  • Boards
  • Focus Areas: 
    • 10 level maintenance
    • Supply discipline
    • Schools
    • Individual/Crew training and Certification
  • Tactical Focus Areas:
    • Sustainment Operations
    • Security/Defense
    • Crew Drill
    • Convoy Operations 

Battalion Executive Officer (XO) (Admin, Logistics, and Maintenance)

  • Chief of Staff / Deputy CDR
  • Battle Rhythm Manager
  • Command & Staff
  • High Risk and Non-Deployable Reviews
  • Staff Development/Training and Synchronization
  • CMDP (Maintenance, Services, Motorpool Operations)
  • TOC Operations
  • CSDP (FLIPLs/CoC Inventories/ FLO Inbriefs)
  • Policy Preparations and Development
  • OIPs (ICI/SCI and External Inspections)
  • Maintains the Battalion Battle Rhythm
  • Staff Actions
  • SIR Management and Submission
  • USR Oversight
  • MDMP
  • Battalion Training Resource Meetings
  • Preparation of Officer Slates and Moves
  • Hail and Farewells (quarterly)
  • Dining-In and Dining-Outs (annually)
  • Staff Duty

S3 (Training, Plans, and Operations)

  • Readiness
  • Training Management
  • LRTC and SRTC Manager
  • Unit Training Plan and Associated Briefs
  • Training Resource Manager (Land/Ammo/Schools)
  • Training Guidance
  • Battalion DTMS/DTS
  • Operations and Intel Fusion
  • Battalion SITREPs
  • CRM Oversight
  • Range Back Briefs
  • Knowledge Management
  • Tasking Authority and Tasking Management
  • MDMP (COA DEV/COA Approval/Orders Production)
  • Red Book Updates
  • OPDs and Leader Certification
  • CDDP (Command Deployment Discipline Program)
  • Schools
  • Drivers Training Program
  • Digital Sustainment Training Manager

David S. Chang

Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Wealth Manager and CEO | Chief Editor, Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant | Political Consultant | Army Officer National Guard | Living To Fulfill Needs, Solve Problems, and Live Passionately!

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