SMART Careers: The Finance Industry

By David S. Chang

Working in the field of finance is one of the top paid industries and a solid career. There are many different roles and positions within this industry. What’s more, if you are quite good when it comes to money and working with figures, you should find that it’s easy to land a job in this sector.

If the finance industry is something you are interested in, here are some top jobs to consider.

Investment Banker

An investment banker focuses on the corporate world of finance. These are basically corporate financial advisors. An investment banker will take on a few clients, most of which will be businesses and corporations. They don’t deal with individual investors.

It is then their job to try to raise extra funds for their clients, help them merge or acquire other businesses, go public through an IPO, or simply manage their clients’ assets. Investment bankers work extremely long hours but they are in one of the highest-paying roles in the financial world.

If you don’t mind high stress, long working hours, but want to be in the thick of the action with a Wall Street career, then being an investment banker may be right for you.

Budget Analysts

Budget analysts work with a wide range of clients, including businesses, government sectors, and educational organization, as well as many more. They use their knowledge of finances and economies to help their clients set budgets, analyze trends, and help them go through various financial proposals.

Part of a budget analyst’s job is speaking with the various managers within an organization to find out how they use the money they are allocated. Anyone thinking of going into this role needs to have expert communication skills.


You might have already considered becoming an accountant if you are thinking about working with money. The average accounting career salary is extremely good and even those just entering the industry benefit from a great wage.

Accountants ensure that companies or organizations are efficiently operating. They either work for an accounting firm that companies outsource to, or are employees of a company that does their accounting in-house.

Accountants assess the financial records of either individuals or organizations. They must be familiar with balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements. An accountant duties include analyzing data, finance reports, budgets, tax returns, and accounting records.


Actuaries work within insurance companies, accounting firms, and other financial businesses. They need to have very strong mathematical skills as they need to work out the likelihood of various events happening and the financial consequences that they would bring. They then present their findings to managers to help influence their decision making. 

Credit Analyst

Another popular career within the financial industry is credit analysis. It is a credit analyst’s job to evaluate individuals’ and companies’ financial positions and to figure out the risk involved in lending them credit.

They also look into current financial trends and research the impact they will have on companies and businesses being able to repay credit. Simply put, it is a credit analyst’s decision as to whether a loan applicant is granted their credit or not.

Financial Advisor

A financial advisor helps their clients manage their personal finances. They create financial plans and help invest their money. Some focus on insurance or just on retirement plans. A financial advisor needs to be good with people, be able to guide clients’ behavioral biases, and also be able to understand how the market and economy work.

There are a lot of different types of jobs in the financial world. Does one of the above appeal to you? If so, you will certainly benefit from a generous salary!

David S. Chang

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