I help people live SMARTER lives and develop SMARTER skills through coaching, consulting, and speaking.
If you need help to get your finances, life, business, organization, or relationships in order, then I can help. 
Because of my unique and extensive leadership experiences as:

  • a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point
  • a combat veteran, active duty and army national guard officer
  • an award-winning and international renown serial entrepreneur, wealth manager, real estate developer, and CEO
  • author for numerous publications, newspapers, and magazines
  • an experienced international businessman
  • and through leading large non-profits, ministries, and major political organizations

I have been able to help numerous individuals and organizations in personal, professional, and constructive ways. 

Investing in yourself, your organization, and your future is the only way you can grow. My goal is to connect with people and audiences, using stories and real life examples to help facilitate SMART growth and positive change.

I have a team of former and current top-level CEOs and executives, generals, elected Representatives, authors, consultants, and other industry leading experts, to help you achieve the success in life that you deserve. It isn’t about just telling, but showing people how to become more successful and focus on things that matter.

With today’s economy making it more difficult to pursue a profession and lead a less stressful life, it is becoming even more important to have the SMART skills needed to live the life you were meant to live. A mentor of mine said that you can always make more money, you can always get more employees or associates, but you can’t get more time. 

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In order to grow your organization and team, you must grow yourself and your people. This starts with individuals continually improving and maximizing their potential by:

  • Personal and Professional Consulting and Coachingstudents_guestlecture
    • Life Coaching and Consulting
    • Career Change or Career Development
    • Personal and Professional Relationships
    • Health, Fitness, and Wellness
  • Business Consulting and Coaching
    • Starting a Business or Organization
    • Creating Extra Sources of Income
    • Growing Your Business or Organization
    • Succession Business Planning
    • Social Media, Marketing, and Growing your Online Presence
  • Financial Consulting and Coaching
    • Personal and Business Finances
    • Preparing for Retirement
    • Investment, Financial, Credit, Tax, Estate, and Insurance Planning
  • Keynote Speakermilitary speech
    • Developing and Growing the Leader Within You
    • Habits of Highly Effective and Efficient Teams
    • Managing Change in Today’s World
    • Top Time Management Tips
    • Achieving Financial Peace of Mind in Today’s Volatile Economy
    • Personal Finance Tips for Pre-Retirees and Retirees
    • Wealth Building Techniques and Strategies
    • Embracing Change and Innovation
    • Effective Management and Leadership Habits
    • Starting Up a Business? Secrets of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs
  • And Much More!

Time is short, so you deserve to Think SMARTER, Live SMARTER, and Be SMARTER!  

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