SMART Industries: Why a Career in Healthcare Is a Smart Choice

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When it comes to career choices, jobs in the health care industry is one of the fastest-growing fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects health care jobs to be the fastest-growing employment industry between 2014 and 2024. Having run a home health care company myself, I know the importance of and need for good health care professionals.

There is a wide variety of health care jobs, and not all require a medical degree. Whether you want to spend 10+ years in school to become a medical doctor, several years to become a registered nurse or less than a year to become a certified nurses’ aide, there are many reasons to pursue a health care job.

  • Job Security for All Educational Levels – Whether you have an MD or GED, there is a strong demand for health care professionals at all levels. Finding a health care job is much easier than most other industries.
  • Job Location – Given the high demand for health care jobs, you can live and work potentially anywhere you want! I know a few traveling nurses that have worked in Hawaii, California, Florida, and other states and even foreign countries. They get to do what they love while exploring another passion, traveling!
  • Competitive Pay and Benefits – Top-notch medical specialists can make millions of dollars a year. Depending on the region, Registered Nurses can make anywhere from 50k to 175k per year. Even entry-level health care jobs workers make good money with pay starting anywhere from $15 to $50 per hour. The more experience and training you get in your field, the more money you can make.
  • Making a Difference and Helping People – Perhaps the biggest benefit of being a health care professional is the difference you make in people’s lives. You can make a difference for children, the elderly, veterans, certain communities
  • Fulfilling Career – Health Care Jobs are rarely dull with fast-paced and challenging tasks. Research shows that health care professionals are generally satisfied with their careers. You get the best of both worlds, helping people while making a living!

The availability of different training programs, certificate courses, and other educational practices in the nursing industry has made occupations in nursing quite a desirable career path. The health care market is continuously expanding and since nursing positions make a huge part of the industry demand for various nursing positions is increasing as well.

By 2026, nursing will have grown 15%. Apart from being in demand, nursing as a career offers many benefits including high pay, job satisfaction, and flexible shift options – especially for those with an advanced nursing degree. See our infographic below for more statistics about nursing, including the latest salary data from the 2019 Elite Nursing Salary Survey.

Infographic source: Carson-Newman University.

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