SMART Solid Investments for a New Business

By David S. Chang

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So you’re launching your own business? While you may be excited to fulfill your dream setup expenses can add up really fast. It can be helpful to get your head around which aspects of your business will promise the best returns on investment. These tips will help you invest your money in the right areas when you’re just getting your company off the ground.

Brand Recognition

Your company’s brand is everything that creates an impression for your clients. It is anything that can be seen, heard, or experienced by them. When creating a brand, start with your logo, a color scheme, and slogan. Whether you’re promoting your business online or in the real world with a 10×10 trade show booth, you want it to be consistent so not to confuse our clients.

As your brand gains recognition and credibility, your company will continue to reap the benefits of your initial outlay on branding. A brand that can address your target audience directly works by triggering positive associations in the mind of your customer. The effect of this is that they continue to view your brand as the top choice even when competitors emerge.

A solid brand identity also has a powerful impact on customer behavior in that a consistent, trusted brand lets you to set high customer expectations. Essentially, your brand identity functions as a promise to your customer that even when a new product you’ve launched is unfamiliar to them, that product will deliver the high quality they have come to expect from your brand. 

Market Research

It is not unusual for small companies to avoid spending much of their precious budget on market research in the early stages. This is partly due to the fact that market research (when it is done effectively) can be pretty expensive.

Some new business owners feel that they shouldn’t have to market their product to a particular audience because the product is the answer to everybody’s dreams. It is essential that you market your product to a target demographic, and you can’t do this effectively unless you know exactly who your customer is.

Until you obtain accurate customer data, you will be wasting your limited marketing budget. Market research can help you know your customer intimately, including their unique pain points, to help you reach the clients that need your product or serve. This is one of the ways your business could be failing without you knowing. Setting aside a portion of your budget for sound market research is an effective way to ensure your marketing efforts hit the mark.

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