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Today’s economy and marketplace make it more difficult to do business, manage your finances, lead a less stressful life, while leading and managing an organization. Leadership consultant and financial expert David connects with audiences and people stories and examples to help facilitate growth and positive change.

In order to grow an organization and team, you must grow its people. This starts with individuals continually improving and maximizing their potential. David, through his extensive leadership experience at West Point, as an active duty and national guard officer, as an award winning entrepreneur and wealth manager, through leading large non-profits and political organizations, has been able to help individuals and organizations in personal and constructive ways.

David not only tells, but shows people to become more productive, effective, and efficient, while learning to lower stress and to focus on things that really matter. David has been published in numerous articles, magazines, and publications. He has spoken regularly at universities, churches, conferences, and many other speaking venues. Here are some sample speech topics:

  • Developing and Growing the Leader Within You
  • Habits of Highly Effective and Efficient Teams
  • Managing Change in Today’s World
  • Achieving Financial Peace of Mind in Today’s Volatile Economy
  • Personal Finance Tips for Pre-Retirees and Retirees
  • Wealth Building Techniques and Strategies
  • Embracing Change and Innovation
  • Effective Management and Leadership Habits
  • Starting Up a Business? Secrets of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

And much more…

David has helped companies on one-on-one consulting, workshops, and for keynote topics.

To book David for a speaking engagement, please fill in the form below or call 808-528-0012. Here are some of the awards David has been awarded!Group Awards

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