Smart Strategies: Illuminate your Brand with Outdoor LCD Displays

With the advent of modern technology, businesses need to work diligently to grab customer attention. One such way for boosting customer interaction in the outdoor environment lies with using digital signage. Companies indulge in targeted marketing campaigns to focus on customer demographics. These demographics change dynamically based on explicit factors like sales, weather conditions, events, and inventory fluctuations.

Now that you’re a business owner who’s considering an outdoor marketing campaign, being aware of the right technology and its correct application holds pivotal importance. When you embark upon an apt research process, you’ll discover that the use of outdoor LCDs isn’t in the introductory phase, as you considered it to be. No matter what your business is, the new technology paves a path in all significant business spheres. Public spaces, transportation, tourism, sports and recreation, retail, food, and entertainment are a few to mention!

Vivid Considerations to Keep in Mind

Quite intrigued upon using the digital signage tech? Before kick-starting your journey, there are some fundamental questions that you must be aware of to determine your further actions. To make it easy for you, here are some primary considerations to get you in the right direction.

Begin by Asking the Right Kind of Questions:

Every project has its significance, but there are always some standard questions that apply to all products and businesses, irrespective of their size. Some of the questions to ask yourself are:

  1. What is the essence of installing a commercial display?
  2. What is your business focus- entertainment, advertising, information, or mixed content?
  3. Is the content going to be dynamic- or will it be based on fixed images or text?
  4. What purpose will the screen solve?

Keep these questions in the back of your mind and ask the same during the project planning stages. With the project progression and evolution- the answers related to timeline, budget, and others may change. It is because these will be more defined. Know that the focus will eventually narrow around the size, price, and specifications of the digital signage display.

Know the weather conditions in your area:

Ideal digital signage is the one that works well with all-weather conditions. Thus, depending on your location, look in for a screen that takes weather conditions seriously. For instance, if you’re in a warm climate, you’ll require outdoor LCD displays  that function better and brighter when more light reflects the viewer. Always choose a screen that consumes little power and prevents overheating.

Look for a device with operating temperatures between -20 to +70 C. You can also choose ruggedized enclosures suitable to withstand vandals and hail storms so that you don’t have to worry about your investment.

Find the right display size:

This consideration seems the easiest to answer. You might have some old TVs that you no longer use. Thus, it is always better to mount the same into a presto or wall- a digital display. And know if the TV’s size is big enough for people to see.

You need to keep two factors in mind- the area size that will hold your screen and how far you expect people to see your LCD’s visuals. Depending on the size, you can choose from 32″, 43″, and 55″ reflective displays. The bigger your space, the more emotional and engaging your effects will be to get the customer’s attention. Have a clear bent of mind on the size and choose wisely!

Final Walkthroughs – The Advertising Future is Outdoor

Outdoor signages are a great way of boosting your business brand awareness and grabbing potential customer attention. Just take note of critical considerations to let your outdoor signage game to unexceptional levels!

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