SMART Tips for Working in Remote Areas

By David S. Chang

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There’s a lot of value in building your own business in a remote area, but it’s not something that you’ll want to just jump into. Before you decide to do so, here are the pros and cons.

Keep Your Costs Low

Prime office real estate in heart of a city usually commands the highest prices. That’s because real estate in densely populated areas attract a higher price. You might want that well-known, enviable location, but there’ll be a pretty big cost attached. More rural areas, however, have a much lower price. Many businesses started in a garage and eventually grew to be in the prime location they are in now.

Accessibility Issues

One of the benefits of having a downtown location is that it’s easily accessible by both public transport and vehicles. All roads lead to the city or within walking distance. If you are setting up shop in a rural area, ensure that it is accessible. You might find that weather makes accessibility an issue from time to time, especially during the winter. However, even this issue can be overcome by visiting You’ll also need to think about parking for your staff members, too.

You Can Do Your Own Thing

When renting or leasing a pre-existing office space, you have to take office space as is. By choosing your own location, you can customize your office space as you wish.

Busy and Noisy vs Sparse and Quiet

Some like the vibrancy of being in downtown. They feed off the energy and want to be in the center of things. Some don’t like the noise, traffic, and other things that come with being in downtown. What type of atmosphere do you want to be in? What do your clients want to be in?

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