SMART Tips to Improve Your Impact at Trade Shows

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When you’re trying to launch a product, the trade shows are an excellent way for your business to attract potential customers, gain exposure, and expand your brand.

With hundreds of other vendors trying to do the same thing, it is important to stand out. Here are just a few tricks to get you noticed at your next trade fair.

Give Out Freebies

Talking to people as they pass by could help to attract them to your stall. But don’t just do the same things other businesses are doing. Give them something memorable, like morale patches. They can help entice people to come by. Give out items that are useful that potential customers may use regularly.

Provide A Relaxing Area

A trade show is a very noisy environment. It’s important to create an inviting atmosphere for potential customers. By providing free food, and even wifi in a sitting area, it can encourage people to have meetings but also will keep potential clients around for longer. Because people will be walking around a lot and need some downtime, giving them an opportunity to relax will go in your favor.

Fun And Knowledgeable Staff

It is important that your team be able to effectively engage potential customers. How many times have you been to a trade show but no one’s been around to answer your questions? You want to find the right type of teammate that can be engaging without being overbearing and annoying. Need help? You can find people to assist through agencies that can provide the right people you may need.

Use Displays and Banners

Displays and banners will help you to visually stand out. You can order Custom Banner Printing online with your customized brand. You could also get creative and use other forms of decorative display such as balloons or even digital signage.

Give a Demonstration

You could also consider giving a demo of your product. A demo can gain people’s trust by showing your product in action. You may even be able to let others test out the product for themselves. If not practical, you may be able to produce a video demo that can be broadcasted on a screen.

Host a Raffle or Free Drawing

Many people love a drawing or a game of some sort to win a prize. Give potential customers the opportunity to win one of your products. When people enter your competition, urge them to join your mailing list. Use this to send follow-up emails and stay in touch with them.

Get on social media

Some people at the event may be using social media. Let these people know that you’re at the event by broadcasting your location. You can also send updates on social media throughout the day and give updates on raffles, drawings, or certain times that you are giving a demonstration

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