SMART Ways to Increase Your Sales

For business owners, managing short and long-term goals can be a juggling act. You will need to balance long-term goals like building a strong reputation and a loyal customer base with short-term goals of bringing in cash flow for your business.

If you are looking to increase sales in the short-term without sacrificing your long-term goals, here are some tips that will support your business both now and well into the future:

Start with a SMART CRM

The right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will support your business and be beneficial in both the short and long-term. Customer relationship management is an approach to manage your interaction with your current and potential customers. CRM uses data analysis about customers’ history and data to improve business relationships with them, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.

Look for a system which is easy to use, flexible and mobile. A CRM that can be accessed via the Cloud, multiple devices, and offline will give you more options. Features you may like to consider include analytics, customer data, calendars, and campaign management. With a smart, adaptable CRM, you will be able to maximize sales by using marketing platforms to directly target customers.

One example of a powerful CRM is bpm’online CRM which is designed to boost sales, enhance your marketing efforts, and streamline your service and operations. A CRM can be implemented regardless of the size of your business and will track your progress over time.

Leverage Your SMART Network

To maximize sales in the short-term, give your new and existing customers something they cannot resist. If you have an existing database you can contact subscribers through your CRM, email, and social media accounts. For companies with a physical business, you can include signage in-store. Set up an offer, such as a certain percentage off, or a free upgrade. Make sure it is only for a limited time and it is something your target audience really wants.

While customers love a bargain, you should try to avoid the mistake of having TOO many sales. Companies who have a reputation for always reducing their prices and sending frequent, spam-like emails may devalue their products or services.

Monitor, Measure, and Analyze Data

With any sales business, your data will be worth its weight in gold. Analytics will give you a direct insight into how and when your customers choose to shop. In the short term, this information can give your business an immediate improvement.

Monitoring your data will also help your business thrive and grow in the future. It will ensure nothing is missed and can aid in the creation of long-term goals. Knowing who your customers are will give you the competitive edge needed for success.

Focus on Providing SMART Customer Service

Never forget the importance of good customer service. Whether your business is virtual or physical, the same rules should apply. Customer queries should be met with friendly, accurate responses and any reviews dealt with regardless of whether they are negative or positive.

Train your staff to offer the same level of consistent, quality service. In the short term, good customer service can secure a sale or additional purchases. In the long term, it encourages repeat business and positive word of mouth.

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