SMART Ways To Make More Money and Save More Money

In order to protect yourself financially, it makes sense to create multiple income streams. These sources of income can potentially generate plenty of money when they’re doing well, but also gives you something to fall back on if something happens to your main source of income.

Another way to have more disposable income is to find ways to save. Through the combination of earning more and saving more, you can speed up the journey towards financial independence. Here are SMART ways to earn more and save more in today’s economy!


Blogging has become of the most common side hustles to have. You can write about what you are passionate about, hobbies you are pursuing, and other things that interest you.

Blogging helps you to find your ‘voice’ as a writer and be a creative outlet for you. The key is to write interesting, valuable, and shareable content that will benefit other people. You can use an email service to collect emails, then send out newsletters to your readers.

Once you build a loyal fan base, you can sell ebooks, consulting services, or other products that your readers will want. If you are able to gain a solid reputation as a blogger, advertisers and sponsors may contact you to advertise on your site. To grow your brand, use companies like for business cards, stationery, and other marketing materials.

You can use google ads or other advertising platforms such as affiliate links to bring in income. It takes time to build up a blog that earns money, but blogging can be lucrative and is a fun and relatively easy way to turn a hobby into a great source of income.

Start Meal Planning

One of the biggest expenses is your food bill. It is also an expense you have control over. Slash your food bill as much as half by doing things like meals planning or changing where you shop.

While meal planning may require a little extra effort from you, it can help reduce costs, eat healthier, and become more excited about the menu. It requires you to plan your meals for each night and writing a list accordingly. Not only will it help you reduce the costs of purchasing food, but it can also decrease the amount of food you waste.


While blogging will take time to develop into a continual source of income, you can make money immediately by offering freelance services. You can offer your services through a blog or website that you set up, or a freelancing platform.

A freelancing site either can connect you to those that need your services, or give you the opportunity to bid on projects. Freelancing is perfect if you are a writer, web designer, app designer or a graphic designer who can create logos and other marketing documents for companies. Other freelancing jobs like mystery shopping and survey taking are other popular jobs.

Another benefit of freelancing is that you can set your own schedule, your prices, and your own location. You can choose the products and companies you want to work with. If you want to take a break or work more to bring in more income in one time period, then you have the flexibility to do so.

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