SMART Ways to Make More Money

By David S. Chang

Saving and investing isn’t the best way to build wealth. Saving and SMART Investing is. Here are five tips to help you make SMARTER and better investment choices.

Don’t Neglect Savings Accounts with A Good Interest Rate

You should always have an emergency account setup. But that doesn’t mean that you should put it in any bank account. Look for a savings account that gives you both preservation of your capital, liquidity, and a competitive savings rate. It will generate interest – without having to do anything. The sooner you do it the better in order to let the interest accumulate. You can even contribute extra payments to the account to build the total if you feel you have spare money to invest as the months roll by.

Use Foreign Capital

If you are investing in a business or running one yourself, you may want to you want to expand your reach overseas. You may want to consider providing a citizenship-by-investment program to increase your capital. Then you can use that capital to invest in your business or other sources of capital appreciation and income. If this is a route you intend to go down, it’s a good idea to gain a valuable Business Immigration Attorney who can best advise you regarding the investment, such as from Hirson Immigration.

Invest in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds give access to a wide range of stocks and bonds and allow you to invest in them via one simple transaction rather than all separately. It gives you instantaneous diversification without needing a substantial amount of money.

You can further save more money by purchasing directly through a mutual fund company.

Invest in Investment Bonds

Want less risk but more return than just a savings account? Bonds may be the way to go. Bonds come in many forms, whether corporate, municipal, or treasury. Bond investment means finance for other companies, local projects or the government, and they offer absolute debt security. Naturally, any investment comes with a form of risk, but if you’re looking for the most risk-free option, then T-Bonds are the way to go. Investment bonds also offer flexibility in how much you would like to invest, where and when.

David S. Chang

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