Smart YouTube Marketing Hacks For Money-Savvy Business Owners

By David S. Chang

With video marketing gaining popularity, every business wants to embrace YouTube as a branding channel. Potential customers are easy to impress with visual content showcasing your products and brand.

They are more likely to trust your business and try your products if you present them through compelling videos. But you may have some inhibitions about YouTube marketing if money is a concern. After all, creating videos may cost a considerable sum as you require equipment, ideas, and expertise. Luckily, there are ways to cover all these fronts without breaking the bank. Here are some hacks money-savvy business owners can rely on.

Build your story yourself

No one knows your brand better than you because it replicates your vision and values. You can save a fortune by handling your brand’s storytelling on your own. Let your creativity loose to craft compelling video ideas for your YouTube campaign.

Everything boils down to creating videos showing how your product or service can serve value and address the buyer’s pain point. You can choose various ways to do it, from how-to content to customer testimonials.

Rent equipment for video production

As with handling the creative part yourself, you may also cut down the production costs for your YouTube campaigns. Shooting from your phone may not be a great idea if you want professional-quality videos. But you can rent production equipment and create the best visuals with a little practice. Consider hiring a freelance professional artist to shoot the content and edit it.

Use free tools

With YouTube marketing, you have to implement several steps to make your videos visible among top SEO results. Optimizing titles and descriptions of your videos give you a good start. You will also need a thumbnail of your video as a part of YouTube SEO. The good thing is that you can access a free tool to create it on your own instead of hiring a professional designer for the job. You can click to visit a website that showcases such tools. Try animation makers and video editing tools to enhance your strategy further.

Save with short lengths

Opting for short videos is another way money-savvy business owners can economize YouTube campaigns. Creating short ones costs less than longer videos, and viewers prefer them too. You spend less on short content, yet get better retention with it. The optimal duration depends on your business domain, but anything around two minutes is often good enough from a cost and engagement perspective.

Master your schedule

Another way to win the YouTube marketing game on a budget is by mastering your schedule. You need not post videos every single day, but a consistent posting schedule is essential to hook the potential customers for the long haul. Find a frequency that works for your brand and target audience, and stick with it. You need not go overboard with a campaign as less may be more.

Acing YouTube marketing without spending a fortune is possible, provided you take a money-savvy approach. Follow these simple tips, but do not cut corners if you need to spend more on running a campaign.

David S. Chang

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