Social Anxiety Disorder: 5 SMART Tips To Feel At Ease During Interactions

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) report, approximately 12.1% of Americans experience social anxiety at some point in their lives.

With age, some people become confident and are not afraid of interactions or public speaking. While others might develop social anxiety disorder (SAD) or social phobia.

Having social phobia makes every interaction significantly challenging and can lead to self-consciousness.

Fortunately, with consistent efforts, you can keep your anxiety in check and feel better. Here are some tips that can help you out!

Focus On Your Breathing

Anxiety impacts how your body works. For instance, in most cases, your breathing generally becomes more faster and shallow. Lack of proper oxygen to the brain can lead to dizziness and suffocation.

Whenever your anxiety impacts your breathing, use these tips to try and relax.

  • Sit somewhere comfortable,
  • Relax your shoulders,
  • Try to inhale slowly through your nose,
  • Hold your breath, and
  • Exhale more slowly.

Try this a few more times to feel relaxed.

Don’t Skip Your Medications

If your condition is severe, your doctor or therapist might have suggested medications or use of CBD-infused products such as CBD oil or gummies. So, make sure you take your medications on time and keep extra in case of an emergency.

Even so, make sure to use child-resistant dispensary bags to store the gummies or medication. It will ensure that light or air doesn’t affect the product inside. Plus, it will also give you peace of mind that the medication is away from the reach of kids.

Be Physically Activity

Another thing that you can try to keep the nervousness in check is exercising. Several studies have shown that physical activities such as jogging and yoga are helpful to reduce anxiety.

Moreover, regular exercise also offers several benefits to the body. It will help reduce your blood pressure and keep your heart rate in check. Along with this, regular yoga will help improve your mood, build self-confidence and reduce negative emotions.

Shift Your Attention To Other Topics

Do you often find yourself lost in your own thoughts during interactions? If yes, try focusing on things happening around you. It might be challenging, but it will surely help your inner thoughts. Plus, you’ll also get to observe those around you.

In addition to this, remind yourself that those around you are not aware of your anxiety. It’ll help you stay calm and also become attentive.

Use Your Senses

Last but not least, use your senses, i.e., smell, touch, sound, sight, and taste, to stay calm. When you feel anxious during an interaction, think about any happy thoughts or smell the scent that calms you.

Believe it or not, it will help you relax instantly. So, you’ll be able to get through the day with ease.


All these measures will help you stay calm during the interactions. And when you are calm, you’ll get to enjoy the event to the fullest. Nonetheless, make sure you visit your doctor or therapist regularly and follow their advice. Also, if you take medications or use any CBD-infused products, make sure to keep them safe with child-resistant packaging.

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