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Pay down your debt: Snowball Method or Avalanche Method

In Debt? Two Ways To Pay Down Your Debt

Financial problems are all around us. Many Americans today are in debt and are having difficulty paying it down. According to the latest statistics: U.S. households have more than $15,000 in credit card debt. 43 percent of Americans spend more than they earn. 14 percent of income is used to just pay interest on credit […]
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14-Day SMART Plan To Improve Your Finances

The 14-Day SMART Plan to Improve Your Finances

According to recent data, 61% of Americans don’t keep track of their money. Even for those that do, many feel overwhelmed. I have designed for anyone who wants to improve how they manage their money, the 14-Day SMART Plan to Improve Your Finances! This simple self-improvement plan features one task to focus on per day. Based on […]
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Why you need a financial plan

Why You Need a Financial Plan Part 3

In this series so far we covered how a financial plan can help you optimize your Social Security benefits. Click here to read part 1 and part 2. With advances in technology, you can easily analyze and compare different strategies and the results that follow. The purpose of a financial plan is to discover and establish […]
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Debt Collection Help

New ways to combat harmful debt collection practices (Get Debt Collection Help!) BY CFPB WEB TEAM Today, in addition to two bulletins putting companies on notice about harmful debt collection practices, we’re also releasing new tools for consumers: Action letters for consumers to consider using in corresponding with debt collectors and debt collection complaints. Click here for tips on […]
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Top Financial Mistakes Spouses Make

  Managing finances by yourself can be tough. Add on a spouse and kids, and it can make managing finances even more difficult. Surveys show that money difficulties are one of the top reasons for divorces and relationship problems. Here are the top financial mistakes a spouse can make: * Letting one spouse or partner manage […]
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SMART Ways to Take Control of Your Debts

When you are facing debts that seem to get bigger every day, it’s common to feel increasingly isolated, stressed, and unable to regain control of your finances. You might be surprised at just how many people are also dealing with debt; however, it’s become such a taboo subject that we rarely talk about money with […]
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Which Debt To Pay Down First

The average American household has $15,325 in credit card debt, $147,924 in mortgage debt and $32,041 in student loan debt. How to pay your debt is important (visit for more information), but which debt to pay off first is just as important if you are unable to pay off all of them at once. […]
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