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How to Get More Money from Social Security Part 3

In the first part of the series I covered information on spousal benefits and using a strategy called “file and suspend” and “file and suspend plus” to maximize your lifetime joint benefits by timing when you claim. This article I will cover another one of the advanced social security claiming strategies. Since publishing this article series I have […]
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How to Get More From Social Security Part 2

In Part 1 I covered information on spousal benefits and using a strategy called “file and suspend” to maximize social security benefits, especially your lifetime joint benefits by timing when you claim. You can click here to see more social security resources. In this article we will cover survivor benefits and an advanced social security claiming strategy called “file […]
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Social Security Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

I receive more questions about Social Security than any other topic I cover, especially with my recently published article series on Maximizing Social Security. This isn’t surprising given that more members of the baby boomer generation are starting to retire and become eligible for benefits. I have published the most frequently asked questions and scenarios I have received […]
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