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Secrets of The Wealthy, Part 2

  Last week we covered Part 1 of the secrets to becoming financially independent and wealthy. This week we will cover the secret strategies the wealthy use. * Get a Mentor. Surround yourself with millionaires and learn from them. The best way to learn how they think and what they think is to be with […]
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What Are the Best Mobile Finance Apps?

I literally have my smart phone with me 24/7. Even though they have only been in existence in its current form for about 5 years, I can’t imagine life without it! Regardless of whether this is good or not, it certainly has made life easier in many cases. Once a week or so, I go […]
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Principles of Long-Term Investing Part 3

This is part 3 in a series on the principles of long-term investing. Click here for Part 1 and Part 2! 7) Learn from your mistakes! It is important to never stop learning. The words “this time is different” are costly in investing. One of the key differences between successful long-term investors and those who […]
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8 Principles of Long-Term Investing Part 2

This is Part 2 of the eight principles of long-term investing. as we continue to look at important principles that you may find useful in helping you make investment decisions. Click here for part 1! 4. Be Flexible And Diversified. Diversification is a powerful tool to reduce certain types of risk in your portfolio. Make […]
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8 Principles Of Long-term Investing Part 1

Increasing your wealth over time is more than picking the right stock or always buying low and selling high.Too often we see intelligent investors shoot themselves in the foot by making basic errors in their investing strategy. Through years of experience, I have observed the effects of fear, greed, lack of discipline, groupthink, and many […]
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More Tips From Warren Buffett Part 2

Warren Buffett is considered to be the world’s greatest investor. The annual meeting for his fund, Berkshire Hathaway, is dubbed the “Woodstock for Capitalists,” where many shareholders eagerly await the yearly pilgrimage. With almost 40,000 people in attendance this year, Buffett and partner Charlie Munger answered shareholder questions about investing, the economy and others for […]
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Looking for Better Returns? Try Alternative Investments

Many of us have an investment portfolio or work retirement plan. Investing is an important component for retirement planning and financial independence. We saw however in the 2008 financial crisis that sometimes investing can produce losses, not gains! The three main traditional asset classes to invest in have been stocks, bonds and cash. Recently, another asset […]
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The Importance Of Investing

The S&P500 is up more than 11 percent this year and above 1,400 for the first time since mid-2008. This is good news, but many people are still on the sidelines worried about the global economy and the precarious conditions in Europe. The knee-jerk reaction may be to move all assets into a bank account […]
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