Four Things Great Leaders Provide For Their Teams

“I assume you sent for me because somebody told you I was the best. Well, I’m only the best because I work with the best. If you don’t trust the men you’re working with, you’re as good as dead.” – Bruce Willis in Armageddon Regardless of what you thought of the movie, Bruce was on […]
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Top Must-Have Traits For Leaders

Great leaders are critical to any organization. In fact, it is impossible to have an elite and long-lasting organization without great leadership. It is so important that there are plenty of books, research, classes, studies and training on it. Companies and organizations spend billions of dollars to equip their employees with the right leadership skills. […]
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5 Traits of Bad Bosses

Face it, we all have had bad bosses or seen what a bad boss looks like. Nothing can destroy company morale and culture as a bad boss, it’s contagious. For those of you that have watched the cult-classic Office Space, a bad boss can be a micromanager that only cares about pointless tasks, or a […]
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