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Learn to Start or Grow Your SMART Business

If you haven’t done so already, please download the bonus ebook below! It provides valuable information on starting a business! Here are some more valuable links below to help you start or grow your SMART Business. Many of these resources are mine, come from government programs, non-profits, educational institutions, and reference organizations online. It is […]
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Your SMART Vision Statement & Endstate

Your vision in life answers the question “WHERE do you see yourself?” and “WHERE do you want to go?” Like a Mission Statement, your Vision defines your purpose, but it also focuses on your goals, aspirations, and where you want to go. Your mission is “WHY” you do things and is present-based. Your vision gives […]
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SMART Mission and Purpose

What is your purpose in life? Why do you exist? Why do you do what you do? From personal experience, people who understand their “WHY” can withstand any “HOW” and “WHAT.” Your Mission Statement is your purpose and direction in life. If done properly, it can motivate you, your organization, or your team, to passionately […]
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What is Financial Independence?

We mentioned here what the meaning of wealth is. There is a big difference between being wealthy and being financially independent. While financial independence is based on a number, wealth is a mindset and no amount of money will ever make you wealthy! Once you have the SMART Mindset and Psychology of Wealth, it is […]
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The Art of SMART Money Checklist

Click here to download The Art of SMART Money Checklist! Use this checklist and workbook to help you get started on your journey to Wealth and Financial Independence! If you are not a member yet, or need to upgrade, click below!
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Clarifying Your SMART Values

Your values are what is most important to you in life – personally and professionally. Values are what you calibrate towards and are the focal point in determining your priorities, goals, attitudes, and behavior. In other words, your values are a compass for your actions in life. It is important that what you do, matches […]
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What is Wealth?

When I invested in my first stock at 14, wealth to me was making as much money as I possibly could. Since then, and being in the finance industry for two decades, the most important thing I have learned about wealth is that no amount of money will ever make you feel wealthy. While many […]
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