TBI At Workplace- Actionable Strategies To Maximize Your Compensation

By David S. Chang

When it comes to workplace mishaps, traumatic brain injuries are perhaps the most dangerous ones. Things can get complicated if you do not get help fast, both from medical and financial perspectives.

Although TBI is covered under workers’ compensation laws, the odds are often against the injured party because it is hard to prove these injuries, and many of them go undetected till it is too late.

It is vital to be aware of your rights so that you can get the best possible compensation for TBI sustained at the workplace. Here are some actionable strategies to put your claim on the right track.

Pay attention to the symptoms

Even though brain injuries may not be visible on the surface, there could be major underlying damage. You should pay close attention to even the most subtle signs, such as pain, grogginess and balance issues.

Loss of consciousness is a primary sign of brain injuries and concussions. Insurance companies and independent medical examiners would watch out for this sign as they comb through your records and reports.

Typically, they use the loss of consciousness as a benchmark to assess the seriousness of the injury. Even if there are milder after-effects, your first reaction to the accident should be to report the injury to the employer and get a thorough examination for diagnosis.

Choose the right doctor

While being vigilant about the symptoms and reporting them immediately can tighten your case, the choice of the right doctor can also make a difference.

Although you may see a primary doctor in an emergency, it is always better to get your initial checkup from a brain specialist. An expert TBI injury lawyer would always recommend seeking treatment from a neurologist because their diagnosis would add value to your claim and improve the chances of securing the compensation you deserve.

Additionally, it always makes sense to get treatment from someone who is adequately qualified to handle your condition. With an injury as serious as TBI, a brain specialist is the best professional to see.

Expect the unexpected

When it comes to claiming compensation for TBI at the workplace, you should expect the unexpected. These injuries are complicated and traumatic, and the effects can keep showing up over time, sometimes weeks and even months after the mishap.

You will need to calculate the compensation value carefully as you wouldn’t want to end up with something much lesser than what you would need to cover up your treatment and damages. Having a TBI lawyer who specializes in workplace injuries to handle your case gives you an advantage because they have the right kind of experience with such complicated cases. 

With brain injuries at the workplace, you can expect the employer and insurance company to make every possible effort to minimize the severity of your injury. It is because they want to save themselves from the cost and trouble. But you should persevere and follow up your claim diligently till you get what you deserve.

David S. Chang

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