Top 4 Reasons You Need Auto Insurance

Top 4 Reasons You Need Auto Insurance

Cars provide us with much more than just transportation. From their looks to the feel of driving one, they can can be a wonderful and exciting experience. But they’re also expensive and dangerous. The possibility of accidents and repairs is unfortunately all too real.

Are you prepared if you find yourself in an automobile accident? Car insurance is of the utmost importance for anyone who owns or leases a vehicle. If you are currently uninsured, here are the top reasons to take action and get auto insurance today.

1. It’s the Law

In most states, it’s simply illegal to not have car insurance. Getting caught driving without it can have you paying hefty fines, getting your license suspended and in some cases, serving jail time. Be sure to look up the state you live in to see the minimum coverage that’s required for you to be legal on the road.

State governments instate these laws to protect their citizens, but that doesn’t mean the minimum is all you should purchase. There are many benefits to buying more than what is just required.

2. It Will Save You Money Down the Line

While insurance can seem expensive, you have to remember how much money it may save you in the future. Even a small fender bender can cost upwards of $1,000. When the monthly or annual bill comes, it’s important to remind yourself that you have peace of mind with this coverage.

You will not have to worry about going into debt if an accident happens, and are saving your future self a lot of money.

3. It Helps With Healthcare

In 2013, the average bodily injury liability claim from auto accidents was $15,443. Personal injury insurance can typically supplement your health insurance (if you have it) to fully cover any injuries that might occur during a car accident.

When researching which auto insurance to purchase, you should consider adding hefty personal injury coverage. It is paid out whether you are at fault or not, and can cover expenses such as lost wages, childcare and even funerals in the worst-case scenarios.

4. It Protects You and Your Passengers

You’re not the only person who benefits from having auto insurance, anyone in your car does as well. Think about the people you drive with; whether it’s family, friends and/or co-workers, don’t you want to protect them? Spending time to find comprehensive coverage that will safeguard them in case of an accident is important.

Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

Now that you understand why having auto insurance is so important, it’s time to research what coverage is best for you. While starting with what’s required by your state is a good place to begin, it should not be all you purchase.

Think about your needs, the needs of your family and the state of your vehicle. Err on the cautious side, as it can pay off in the long run. And it doesn’t have to be very expensive. Companies like USAA provide bundling and discount options to keep you secure without breaking the bank.

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