What Makes A Remote Access Solution Worth Considering

Switching to a hybrid or remote workforce is a wise business decision. But a great deal of planning and preparation goes into the project. Unlike the sudden switch during the pandemic, you have a chance to choose wisely and set up a proper ecosystem to ensure a smooth transition for your employees.

Besides covering the basics like providing devices, funding a home office, and setting up a remote network, you also need to select a remote access solution to facilitate WFH operations. While there are several options in the market, you can consider some factors to take your pick. Here are some features that make a solution worth considering.

Remote access security

The increasing number of cyber attacks in the business landscape is a daunting concern for organizations sending employees to work from home. Ideally, security should be on top of your mind while selecting a software solution to facilitate remote access for your team.

Look for one that ensures the safety of your network and every endpoint within it. Cyber attacks are inevitable, but a robust and reliable solution can identify and remediate potential breaches. A compliance feature is a plus as it ensures coverage of data protection regulations.

IP and data protection

Beyond network and end-user security, you must prioritize IP and data protection as essential features of remote access software. A solution that secures data in a central data center is worthwhile because it adds an extra layer of protection to your confidential assets. The risk of IP theft is minimal when the solution does not allow the storage or transfer of intellectual property.

Cost optimization

The primary purpose of implementing the WFH model for your business is to reduce operational costs. But an expensive remote access solution defeats the core objective. However, you can find a cost-effective alternative to get the most out of the switch. For example, when you compare Remote access software, you get the former as an affordable alternative. But remember not to compromise performance and security to save a bit.

Application performance

The best remote access application should deliver great application performance at all times. Performance is perhaps the most crucial factor when it comes to maintaining or enhancing the productivity of a team that works from home. Any lags on this front can slow them down, cause frustration, and result in motivation dips down the line. Double-check the application speed and performance, and ensure it is scalable enough to keep pace with your growing needs.

Centralized management

Centralized management is another feature making a remote access solution worthwhile. The best one enables you to consolidate any number of user desktops and application servers according to your needs into a centrally-managed environment. Further, secure technologies ensure high-speed access to these centralized systems. Your IT team can easily deploy the proper environment to keep remote operations up and running flawlessly. 

A lot of effort goes into choosing the right remote access solution for your business, but it is worth investing in. Follow this simple checklist to get the best one.

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