What to Do if You are Hit by A Car Crossing the Street

By David S. Chang

No one expects to go about their errands only to be hit by a vehicle while crossing the street. Unfortunately, it happens quite a lot and you are never ready for what happens after an auto accident.

It can be a minor incident but it can be worse. It can lead to injuries, pain, suffering and financial struggles. If this has happened to you or your loved one, here is what you ought to do to protect your rights and health.

Stay calm and do not move!

After the accident, try and stay calm. If you can walk, just move to a safe place but not further from the scene. If you are badly hurt, that you cannot move, or your legs get numb, and you cannot feel them, do not panic.

It is essential to try and stay calm after an accident but ask for help if you can. If you feel any pain in your back, you should not move to aggravate the injury. Depending on your state, ensure to keep the driver that hit you at the scene of the accident until the police arrive.

Get medical attention

Seeking medical care to protect your health after an accident is the first step you should take. Sometimes, you might not take the physical injuries seriously and decide against going to the hospital. That could be a costly mistake!

It is important that you immediately get the doctor to assess the extent of any injuries. A doctor will determine if there was further damage to your body tissues, including the internal organs. Remember, you need a physical exam even if you are feeling fine. Only a doctor will tell if you are fine!

A qualified medical doctor will generate a medical report for you which will be used to detail the extent of present and future damages, as you seek compensation.

Collect driver’s information

Getting the driver’s full information is key in protecting your rights. If you can, try to collect things like full contact information, the driver’s license number, description or make of the vehicle, and the insurance information.

You can take as many photographs of the car that hit you and the scene of the accident, if possible. All the information you can pick will come in handy when you seek for compensation later.

Call the police

You should make an immediate attempt to call the police after the accident. Well, the police will help determine who was in the wrong and who should be held liable. They will also write an official report regarding the accident, which will also be relevant as you seek justice for the injuries and damages. That is why it is crucial to immediately talk to the police and stay at the accident scene until they arrive and allow you to leave.

Talk to your lawyer

It is also smart to talk to your lawyer immediately before accepting any deal from insurance agents or admitting fault. An experienced accident attorney will step in for you and deal with the authorities on your behalf.

Find one of the qualified local pedestrian accident attorneys to help you deal with the insurance company and represent you in court if need be. Top local auto accident attorneys are well-versed with the whole process of filing a claim after an accident.

They will know the local laws that affect your case and work hard to protect you. You will get a peace of mind knowing that you have legal help on your side as you recuperate.

Talk to your insurance company

It is crucial to inform your insurance provider immediately the accident occurs. This is necessary as the insurance initiates the investigation process by assigning an adjuster to your accident case. Now, you should be cautious when talking to the insurance claims adjuster. Remember, the adjuster will not be on your side as they attempt to protect their interests.

Do not make a mistake of allowing the adjuster to record a statement from you. Also, do not accept any compensation offer that the adjuster puts on the table. In most cases, the initial offers are far lesser than what you deserve. Let your lawyer help reach out to the best settlement you deserve and handle any party in the case.

Final word

Accidents happen, often when you least expect. This is especially true for pedestrian accidents that are on the rise. Most of them are caused by speeding and reckless driving from motorists. If an accident happens and a car hits you, it is crucial first to protect your health. Then, you can seek justice for the injuries, pain and suffering caused by the incident.

David S. Chang

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