Why a SMART Business Needs a SMART Vision

By David S. Chang

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What your business does is your mission statement, where you want to go while accomplishing your mission is your vision statement. Essentially, your vision statement describes what success looks like. While many businesses know what they do, often they forget why they do it. This is why having a clear vision is important for your business, employees, and customers.

Setting your business vision is important to understand and ensure that everything your business does is aligned with it. Here are key reasons why you need to take the time to focus on clarifying your business’ vision.

Your Foundation

A good vision provides absolute clarity of purpose. It is the foundation for why you exist. Steve Jobs was brought in to turn around Apple. One of the first things he did was to refocus Apple’s vision which was communicated by the “think different” campaign. It provided the foundation to launch Apple’s turnaround and help make Apple become one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Motivation and Inspiration

Your vision provides the direction and clear guides for your business. Since it describes what your business can be, it motivates and aspires your employees. Why should anyone follow what you do or say? People should follow you because they believe in your vision. When your vision, mission, employees, and clients are all aligned with the right vision, it energizes and creates evangelists for your brand.

You Might Not Be Bigger, So Be Better

You may be starting the process of filing to become an LLC to only find out there are hundreds of competitors selling the same product or service. Your vision is one of the few things that will differentiate you. In today’s economy, conscious consumers want to support companies that they believe in. This makes it important to remain consistent in maintaining your business’ vision.

David S. Chang

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