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Last-Minute Tax Planning Tips, Part 3

The past two weeks we covered some last-minute tax planning tips on what to do before the end of the year. Here is the final article in the series. If you need free tax help and qualify, visit our other articles for more information, where you also will find top finance and tax apps for […]
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End-Of-Year Tax Planning Tips, Part 2

  Image courtesy of ddpavumba at Last week we covered some last-minute tax planning tips to do before the end of the year. Click here to read Part I! Here are some more tips to keep more of your money! Accelerate Your Mortgage Payment. Unlike rent, which is paid in advance, mortgage payments are made […]
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End-Of-Year Tax Planning and Tips, Part 1

As the end of the year approaches, we are busy with holidays, family and travel, but this also is a good time to do some last-minute tax planning. With tax cuts expiring last year, taxes will go up for some people on their income and capital gains. In addition, several tax exemptions are being phased […]
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Important Tax Issues to Watch For in 2014

To avoid headaches and penalties, mark your calendar with the following key dates. January 15, 2014 4th Quarter 2013 Estimated Tax Payment Due. If you are self-employed or have other fourth-quarter income that requires you to pay quarterly estimated taxes, get them postmarked by January 15, 2014. April 15, 2014:  2013 Individual Tax Returns Due Individual […]
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IRS Updates 2014 Tax Benefits for Inflation

The IRS recently released its annual inflation adjustments for 2014. Here are a couple of important excerpts: The top marginal tax rate of 39.6 percent will be applied to single filers whose income exceeds $406,750 ($457,600 for married taxpayers filing a joint return.) The Alternative Minimum Tax exemption amount for 2014 is $52,800 ($82,100 for […]
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Tax Tips: Reduce Taxes With Miscellaneous Deductions

  If you itemize your tax deductions on your tax return, you may be able to deduct certain miscellaneous expenses. Here’s what the IRS says: You can deduct most miscellaneous expenses only if they exceed two percent of your adjusted gross income. These include expenses such as:  Unreimbursed employee expenses.  Expenses related to […]
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A Good Time For Tax Planning

As the end of 2012 approaches, we know you are busy with holidays, family, and travel, but it is also a good time to do some last minute tax planning. Currently, a significant number of tax breaks, collectively known as the Bush-era tax cuts, are due to expire on Dec. 31, meaning taxpayers could have […]
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