For most of the Americans, Italy tends to be the nation with the maximum direct paths to obtain or reacquire dual citizenship to Italy. However, the eligibility laws for Italian citizenship are clear but aren’t simple enough to proceed without a professional’s assistance.

Those who have ever attempted to get Italian citizenship would know that Italy has quite lenient laws where an individual having Italian heritage or connection is eligible for Italian citizenship. Whereas, it may prove a bit tricky for the one’s having no connection with the nation.

The Legal Angle of Obtaining Italian Citizenship

The string of laws and processes of gaining Italian citizenship depends on circumstances and background. So, all in all, your case and situations decide if you are eligible for Italian citizenship or not.

For instance – as per the constitution of 1948, females born after 1st January 1948 were recognized by the Italian government and law. Resulting, a mother or grandmother born in Italy before the defined date (1st January 1948) was not legally eligible to attain dual citizenship of Italy. This law affected many families until an improvised law came into force in 2009.

The new law brought a sigh of relief for women born before 1st January 1948 as the law permitted Italian citizenship eligibility while contradicting the older laws. This was about the law now let’s dig into the documents eligibility.

What are the legal documents required to get Italian citizenship?

Although the list of documents required varies from circumstances to circumstances. But these are some of the most commonly required documents to initiate the process.

  • Birth certificate – You would need to showcase your birth certificate from your ancestors settled in Italy or belonging to the Italian community. Here, many professionals providing Italian Citizenship Assistance suggest getting proof of connection with the Italian heritage of grandparents. In some complicated cases, you may need to include a certificate for your grandparents from their respective birth communities. Generally, the passing authority briefs such requirements after reviewing your case. All in all, you need to provide a proof correlation with Italian heritage.
  • Marriage certificate – Get a marriage certificate attested by the Italian civil court authorities. This outlines that either your great grandparents, grandparents, or parents were ever married in Italy and had the right to reside there. In case the marriage took place anywhere in the United States, you would need to get a certified xerox of the marriage certificate along with an apostille from the authorized Secretary of State. This is important to authenticate the document.   

The bottom line

From roaming the EU without a visa to set up your business in the European community, there are countless leverages of obtaining Italian citizenship. But as the Italian consulates are quite particular and strict about the citizenship documentation process, it is advisable to remain familiar with the requirements. Here, no matter how much internet surfing you do, but to get the details you need to seek Italian citizenship assistance. So, look for a service provider to wind up the process effectively.