What You Need To Consider When Installing Elevators In Your Office

By David S. Chang

Most people would agree that an elevator is the centerpiece of a building. It is the one place where everyone goes to or comes from. It makes sure that a building provides transportation and access to all employees within it.

If you are planning on having a new elevator installed at your place of work, careful planning is a must. Here are five things to take into account:

  • Capacity – Start with the expected capacity for your building. You also need to think about the anticipated passenger waiting times too. These two factors are vital because they will influence the overall requirements for your elevator. There are guidelines in place in order to calculate this. However, so long as you choose an experienced and reputable company like Lift Works, this is not something you are going to need to worry about, as they will be able to carry out the calculations for you.
  • Lift design – Aside from the capacity of the elevator, you also need to focus on the design. A good installation should also concentrate on the elevator’s aesthetic aspects. If your elevator is being installed into a refined environment, such as a new, contemporary office, it is vital that it ties in with the overall decor and design of the building. 
  • Safety – Safety is the most critical component when it comes to the elevator’s design and installation. The elevator needs to be able to bear the weight of people when it is at maximum capacity. Moreover, there needs to be a fully functional alarm system that is fitted in the lift so that it can be utilized should the lift breakdown. It is the responsibility of the business to make sure that the lift is safe to use at all times. This is something that is required by law. Routine maintenance and checks need to be carried out on the lift, including thorough and detailed examinations that a competent person will carry out.
  • Environment – You will also want to think about the environment whereby the elevator is going to be installed. This is so that the installation company is able to determine how to design a lift that will suit your needs best and the best way in order for the lift to be fitted. There are a number of aspects that need to be considered here, including everything from how much weight the lift needs to bear as well as the number of floors the lift needs to cover. You will probably also want to consider how energy efficient the lift is going to be as well. 

David S. Chang

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