How SMART Leaders Ensure Education Doesn’t Stop in the Classroom

By David S. Chang

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Education should not stop just because you graduated from school. To be successful in life and the business world, you must continually improve your skillset and knowledge. Regardless of how you felt in the classroom, there are elements from school that you can use for your employees’ growth and development.

Report Cards (Performance Reviews)

Many employees do not get report cards, or regular performance reviews, that rate and give feedback on well they are performing. Without meaningful feedback, it is difficult for anyone to know how well they are doing, what their strengths are, and what they need to improve on.

Regular staff reviews can ensure that there is clarity on what to focus on, your employee’s expected performance standards and goals, as well as skills improvement. A big part of successful performance reviews and appraisals is being able to communicate well with your staff.

Class Syllabus (Project/Job Duty Description and Agenda)

A class syllabus has several functions. It informs them of the objectives of the course; how they will be taught the material to them and why; provide all the logistical information they need; and how to engage with the course materials easily.

Many people are thrust into their job positions with little guidance and expected to perform well. Each employee should be given a “job syllabus” that describes what they need to do, what resources you will provide them, tips and best practices to perform well, and why the task they need to perform is important to the company. It is much easier for employees to tackle any what if they know the why.

Classroom Furniture and Layout (Office Furniture Conducive to Work Environment)

School classroom chairs for students are created in a way that help student best learn. Since they spend hours sitting in the classroom, top schools ensure that students are comfortable. The layout of the classroom is also designed to help students best learn.

As such, your office need to also have the best arrangement to create the office environment most conducive to being productive. The layout, whether you have an open space or closed space depending on the type of business you have, and the ergonomic nature of office furniture is important to productivity.

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